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But it was these bans that served as the main engine of all our children’s games in which we played in all the secluded places – in the bushes for planting, in bed at night with a flashlight, under, in attics, and in all those places in which our supervision was limited.
The story that I will tell today describes how I “invented” exactly how to satisfy myself and my friend without the help of “girls” who were terribly shy and never allowed to do anything “such”.
It is clear that by ~ 9 years that I was then hit, I was already a fully formed boy.

He knew how to “jerk off” like everyone around him, and often did this with a brother who was 7 years old and whom I taught to do the same.
But it seemed to me a little – joint masturbation, although it was more fun because it added the highlight to having sex with a partner, but I didn’t consider it to be real sex, so childish toys.
It is clear that at school everyone starts to understand much earlier than to understand what these words mean, by that time I had already learned a lot of words like “fucking in the mouth”, “fuck you in the ass” and so on, and unlike my peers I already started guess what it might mean 🙂 Well, I don’t have a word from the affair, and I decided to try.
As for “in the mouth,” I somehow became disillusioned right away because the pisyun was salty and unappetizing, and the partner said that he was “ticklish” (we did it by the way some time ago when we stayed with the grandmother in three, me, my brother and cousin.

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We honestly tried to suck each other but the feeling was not so hot, and we returned to the beaten track of the sub-schedule every possible moment together).
In general, it will go as happened “in the ass.”
I hope you all understand that in addition to the understanding that this is somehow possible, we did not have any other information about the process technology.
Experiments began – in our attic the doors clearly did not close on the latch – all the same it is inside the house.
But I quickly applied the technical mind and drilled a hole in the chipboard and made a place into which you can insert a screwdriver and lock the door, that is, the issue of privacy was resolved

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Further attempts to “insert” began.
When I offered my brother to fuck me and said that it would be just like fucking a “girl” – he immediately caught fire to try what we thought would be the height of pleasure.
I understandably lay back (about sex between girls, at 9 I knew a little more clearly), raised my legs and gave the opportunity to try to insert a member.
There was a problem here – he is not climbing.
Well, no way! All that we were able to achieve in all the poses – from above, from the side, and according to the dog (this is how it turned out best) is 2-3 centimeters.
Then it was not interesting and we finished as usual – I told him, he jerked me off.
By the way, my 7-year-old brother had a member then about 8 cm, I have about 12.
But I was very intrigued by this problem – I understood that all the same, adults somehow managed to insert.
In general, I began to look for information (by the way, the ability to read books and get the necessary information from there is something that already by that time taught us at school and this skill did not let me down in life). Bongacams cassiecagex.

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