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I hardly will be able to poop today before bedtime.
I should have an enema, but I have no strength for this already, “explained the sister.
“Well, don’t worry about it, I’ll do it for you!” , Alina began to calm her down.

“it is a pity that you do not have an Esmarch cup, you will have to fill the pear several times.”
“How not – there is!” replied Anya, “right there in the mezzanine on the cabinet stands, open and take it!”.
Alina rose from the chair on which she sat waiting for her sister, stood on tiptoe, clutched the key of the antrelos and turned it.
The door of the locker opened, and a brown enema tube with a white tip at the end of it fell out immediately.
“There is indeed!” , Alina was delighted, she grasped the phone and pulled out the whole device, “really, it is very dusty, but we will solve this problem now, we will wash it.
But Ira told me that you do not have such a thing. ”
“Well, Ira probably doesn’t know, because for her I use spray can.
And when I do myself, I don’t really show it to her, I close in the bathroom and start it there.
“Anya explained.
“Well, clearly, today I gave my enema to Innochka and Ira too,” said Alina, hesitating to add that she herself also received several enemas from Ira’s hands.
“Well, right, just right, right!” , my sister reacted rather indifferently to this, “my daughter is also a good girl.”
“Okay, sister, you take off your clothes, I’ll go wash and prepare you an enema,” Alina ordered and rushed to the bathroom with the device.
Sister, meanwhile, began to take off her dress, remaining in the end only in her bra and shorts. Buy cheap sex toys online.

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