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His head is already half open, so red, big, and the smell! Having clasped the skin with my lips, I lower my head and now it is all open.
My tongue starts to play with her bridle.
Andrei takes the initiative in his hands, puts his head between my lips and starts putting pressure on the back of my head, driving my handsome man into my mouth.

I break out, raise my head to the top and open my painted mouth.
He understood and spits several times in my mouth.
It is filled with saliva, mine and his, I greedily swallow his head and perfectly lubricated, it slides across the sky and rests against my throat.
I begin to move my head and his handsome man almost painlessly passes into my throat.
I continue to slowly sit down with my mouth on this hot, stupidly smelling stallion, until my little wife rests on his testicles.
My hands are on his hips, squeezing them and slightly pushing away from me.
He took the hint and slowly began to move his hips, while holding my head by the ears motionless.
My mouth has never been occupied by anything more pleasant! Saliva mixed with lipstick drips from my lips, right on the blouse (then I had to wash it!) I began to understand what a woman’s buzz is, a buzz from what a man does to her, a buzz from what you give up.
Andrey’s movements were getting faster, my mouth was already beginning to tire, when suddenly he became tense and began to discharge into me.
I almost got stuck, hot streams of sperm banged in my throat and flowed into my stomach.
He came out of my mouth and sat down exhausted on the bed. Cam sex omegle.

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