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But no.
Alex just crushed me with his weight to the tabletop, often breathing in my ear: I love you, baby.
I, too, my dear, – I affectionately rubbed his hair.

“If you don’t peel off me now, then instead of your beloved one, there will be a wet spot here.”
Even if very satisfied and exhausted.
Yes, of course, forgive me, – he smiled guiltily.
Damn, I adore that smile of his.
It is impossible to take offense at her.
I’ll go get dressed, but it’s somehow cool, ”I said, getting up from a tabletop that was slippery with sperm and lubricant.
Do you make coffee? It would be nice – I sleepy rubbed my eyes.
When I left the room in a warm bathrobe, my darling also dressed up.
He was wearing only pajama pants that hung sexually from his thighs.
He fumbled around the coffee machine, making my favorite latte.
I leaned on the joint, and smiled dreamily.
Alex turned around: I prepared a lotte as you like.
Thank you, dear, – I kissed his shoulder, took the cup and went to the window.
Coffee and cigarette? When did you end up vanilla? – grinned my dear.
Oh, who would say – I smiled, lighting a cigarette.
I gave the lighter to Alex – he also took out a cigarette and waited for a flint.
His cup was on the windowsill.
Fragrant smoke squirmed, rising higher.
So will you find me a little man? I asked, looking at the gathering twilight.
Only if you tell me your plan. ”Alex narrowed his eyes.
They were again calm, gray-blue.
And such a plan.
To be continued.
Alice was a difficult teenager.

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Her older brother, with whom she lived after moving to another city, went crazy with excitement.
The hands of the clock approached by 2 o’clock at night, and Alice was unknown where in the big city.
Igor was finishing the third bottle of brandy, when near the apartment there was finally a rustle and creak of the door lock.
Igor abruptly rose from his chair and in one jump found himself in the corridor.
He was frantic.
“Well, where did you hang out, bitch?” Shouted a brother.
Alice had never seen Igor so drunk and angry, she took a few steps back from fright.
The brother quickly stopped this movement, roughly grabbing her sister by her long blond hair.
Cursing, he dragged her hair into the room and threw it onto the bed with force.
From a sharp fall, Alice lost consciousness for a couple of minutes.
Her short skirt rode up, exposing her slim hips, turning into a round taut buttock, covered with lace panties.
Small breasts, with small

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erect nipples, peeking out of a too-deep neckline.
From such a view, Igor was dumbfounded, his cock rose like a stone and very clearly protruded from home shorts.
For a few seconds, the man hesitated, but the drunk alcohol made itself felt, and his brother, going up to his sister, sharply turned her on his back.
From this action, Alice came to herself and did not fully understand what was happening, tried to correct her skirt.
Igor grabbed her hands and holding his wrists with one hand, reached into her panties with his second hand, roughly inserting a finger into the vagina.
An unexpected obstacle, and Alice’s sharp cry, brought the man to her senses a little.
Lesh his sister virginity, his plans were not included.
But the eggs were buzzing and wanted sex.
Slamming the pussy on the pussy, hearing another loud cry from the pain and starting sobbing, he turned Alice on the stomach with a sharp movement, she jerked and tried to escape.
Brother sharply pressed his elbow on her back.
Alice began to cry in her voice.
Not paying attention, Igor, with one hand he tore off her pants, with the other, threw off his shorts, lowered her sister’s legs from the bed and put her on cancer. Cams girls sex.

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