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This is not counting the quality of the royal blowjob from overexcited wife! I terribly wanted to cum right inside my wife, zadolbit her unconscious, to a wild squeal.
Sharply taking a member out of my mouth, I sat on top of Natasha.
Bending her to the floor, I began to introduce an excessively swollen head right between my wife’s reddened lips.

From this pose, Natasha’s ass seemed even wider and more tempting.
I introduced slowly, enjoying every second of copulation.
From these movements Natasha began to groan in the womb.
I wanted to see how it looked from the outside, and driving her like a mare, turned her sideways to the mirror.
The view was notable.
A man in a wrestling suit covers a juicy maiden with swaying heavy elastic breasts.
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Seeing this, I began to accelerate, turning the moans of his wife into screams.
I hacked up to the eggs, and these slurping, squishing sounds, the movement of sponges along a smooth hairless trunk, the warmth of her ass from touching my shaved genitals.
– all this horribly circled my head.
Today I wanted to finish as sweet as ever, and therefore I tried to achieve maximum enjoyment.
I did not think about enjoying my wife then, but it was obvious and, especially, it was heard that Natasha was not deprived of the joy of copulation.
Judging by the cries, she had already finished, perhaps even twice, but I did not stop.
Grabbing dangling breasts, I pulled my wife upstairs, forcing me to stand up.
Without taking out the member, I led the moaning wife to the bed.
As we moved, her elastic buttocks rubbed against me, forcing my dick to release lubricant into my wife’s vagina.

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Wife in response to the pulsations of the penis, stroked me, and tried in every way to kiss, turning my head back.
I answered her with a passionate sucking kiss and sat down on the bed, pushing the penis deep into the wife’s womb.
She gasped, and we began to move to the middle of the bed.
The result was that I was lying, and from above, leaning on my hands, my Natalie was jumping on my penis with her back to me.
I, strongly throwing up my thighs, hollowed her, already preparing for a terrific orgasm.
– Well, I won? BUT? Answer me? – I decided to make fun of you – you.
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