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The hare, taking a step forward – reducing the distance between himself and Arkhip, took a step that unwittingly thought that if now.
if now Arkhip wants to do something with him, with Dima Hare, then he will do it without any difficulty, – taking a step towards Arkhip, Hare felt, felt that he would have any will to resist him, Dima Zayats , not.
“Prepare Vaseline,” said Arkhip to Koch.

or maybe the hare didn’t understand? Maybe it was Arkhip told him, Hare? – Nearer.
or are you afraid of me? – Archip grinned slightly, seeing the Hare, taking a step, hesitantly stopped again.
The hare, not responding in any way – either in a word or gesture without answering the question, came closer to Arkhip, – Arkhip looked questioning helplessly in the eye, Hare stopped from Arkip half a meter away, and Arkip saw how Zayats had anxiety-fear pulsates noticeably just below the left nipple of the tank top. Chat video sex live.

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