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Her father left them shortly after the birth of Masha, and her mother was forced to work in several places, and her work was associated with lengthy business trips, during which she was forced to guard her younger daughter in the care of her elder.
The girls ate poorly, mostly potatoes, eggs and porridge, therefore it is not surprising that from time to time, one or the other of them had constipation.
Dasha struggled with them with the help of castorca, glycerin suppositories and enemas (the latter, fortunately, had to be used quite rarely).

So tonight, the 2-day deadline has already begun since Masha’s last large-scale emptying.
This morning my sister made her drink a tablespoon of castorca, but she did not act properly.
“She will have to put a candle, and if this does not help, then she will have an enema,” Dasha thought, “but how can I do this alone? She will resist!”
Until now, when Masha had a need for an enema, Dasha used to put her together with her mother – her mother held her daughter, and her sister shoved the tip of the girl in the ass and squeezed the enema balloon. Cute girl webcam masturbator.

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