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First time sex on hidden camera.
After several pushes, the cries of pain were replaced by cries of pleasure and I realized that very soon a young student would be covered with a wave of orgasm.
And indeed, another 4-5 deep penetrations, and the girl that has strength squeezed me in her arms, not only with her hands, but also with her legs, trying to bring her knees together, leaving her feet to lie on the bed with fingers arched with pleasure.
She deftly pushed backwards and

6 a.m.
It’s time for the office.
Fuck it, as always.
What to do? Well, do not masturbate the same.
“No, I will not,” I thought, I was going to somehow.
Covered a member of his coat and drove off.
An hour later, I’m on the spot.
Getting in.
I go through the checkpoint

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to my office.
I go – oops! And what do I see? Instead of the painfully familiar face of Ghali, I see a strange face, pretty pretty, sitting at the table and sorting out some documents and papers.
“Aha, I thought! A new secret.
But who appointed her in my absence? “That was incomprehensible to me, but at that moment I didn’t care much about it, because this baby clearly attracted attention, her lips were most vulgarly made up – bright scarlet color rushed to my eyes.
To be honest, the feeling was that they were sitting alone with their lips, flapping eyes and legs under the table.

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My legs could be seen badly, but I managed to make out heels.
It was clear that she was not in trousers.
I could never tolerate women in trousers, pants, etc.
– for me it was always a male attribute, but not a female one.
Probably, there’s no need to describe what was going on in my pants, where, even without that, it was already very stressful for an hour.
A little embarrassed, I asked.
Are you a new girl? “” Oh.
“, – she said, without noticing me at first, -” Yes, and you.
“She did not have time to finish, I interrupted her.
“Yes, this is my office, my name is Sergey Leonidovich.
I understand that we will work with you together? “” Yes, Sergey Leonidovich, it is very nice, I am your new office manager, and I am.
I am Natalia Maksimovna.
oh, well, just Natalia is shorter. ”
“Very nice, Natasha,” I said, “A.
“And only I wanted to ask who appointed her and where Galya went – my former secretary, as she, taking off one leg with the other, stood up, and I saw this.
“Mama dear! – I thought to myself, – This is a chick!” Her chest, huge for her sweet figure, clearly stood out.
Some kind of green blouse with a high neckline, a black mini-skirt, shopping bags (stockings or tights in a net), boots, about which I have already spoken.
Member tightened even more, immediately wanted to know, pantyhose from her this or stockings.
There is to take into account that it was October, about 15-18 numbers, and there was no more than 10 degrees of heat outside, the chances that she had stockings were obviously less.
I cawed involuntarily, as if I had a throat in my throat.
The picture, of course, was still the same.
She is all so overdressed, and I stand like two rams, and both do not know what to say.
“Well, okay,” I said, “Natasha, I will change for now, if anyone calls or asks me, be sure to go in and report.”
“Yes, Sergey Leonidovich, well.”
And I walked on towards me, closing the door behind me. First time sex on hidden camera.

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