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Natalya, whom we described as the conqueror of men, was, besides this, a good specialist in her work.
No, I will not say which one.
But not in the oldest profession, do not think.

So, slyvya one of the best at work, she often went on official business, sometimes with men.
But, although I mentioned at the beginning of the story that a woman on a business trip suffers most from the lack of male affection, she has not yet given to any of her colleagues.
And this is despite the fact that she had love adventures in different parts of our immense

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Motherland, and even outside.
But she did not give to colleagues.
She had such a principle.
But as they say, there are no rules without exception.
This time, Natalya went on a business trip with an employee who was respected for her professionalism, humor, and intelligence.
But as a man, she did not take him seriously.
Volodya (as the employee was called), the news that they can be accommodated on the spot only together, in the same room, and not separately, was perceived neutrally.
Just noticed: – We drove with you (they had been made in the institution to refer to each other only for “you”) in the same compartment.

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And what? Imagine that we continue to go to the coupe.
In the evening they went to a local restaurant, which was advised by a seasoned person still there, “at home”.
As they said in the “office”, having arrived, you need a drink and a snack on the theme “with the newcomer.”
They drank brandy (a little), the appetizers were wonderful.
“And kebab under brandy – very tasty!”.
Incidentally, this song Trofima about Sochi will soon become even more popular due to the Olympics.
Although, the Winter Olympics, and in the song the words: “And you are standing on the beach in a blue dress.
“Well, I digress it.
The conversation between a man and a woman was easy, as with production problems one could wait until tomorrow.
Touched and the theme of love.
Unexpectedly for Natalia, Volodya expressed interesting thoughts on sexual issues.
We danced a bit, a good group played in the restaurant.
Cuddling in a dance to Volodya, Natalya thought that today, perhaps, it is possible to break the tradition (not with the employees of her “office”) and give.
Volodya seemed to be thinking only about the dance, but the woman felt that his member began to grow stronger under the clothes.
It turns out that he was thinking “it is necessary to make her happy today, and not to forget yourself, dear one”.
When they returned to the room, Natalya went to the toilet and shower, and Volodya turned on the TV, in order to kill time.
Then Natalia went to bed.
While Volodya was in the shower, she undressed and covered herself with a duvet cover, as it was hot, and the blanket only hindered. Free online live nude chat cams.

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