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In this.
– is coming.

– Well.
– Kin.
– Yeah.
– Well damn.
– Hey.
– Wow.
– Mmm.
– Kin.
To accept.
– You.
– Spit it out.
– Go.
– Kin.
– UV-ff.
– Kin.
– I.
– Kin.
– Mmm.
– Hmm.
– You.
– Well.
– Ki-and-in.
– Or.
– I.
– will kill.
– Mmm.
– Let’s start.
– Heck.
By this.
– Ahem.
– Go.
Only you
It took 5 days after a very interesting and enjoyable promotion of Riten to the rank of Verkanov.
She has already received her first order.
It is necessary to punish one very cautious person.
The fact is that the so-called Volder was a magician burglar, and he cracked the defense of one very large mafia clan of cave elves.
He stole a fortune, or rather 10 diamonds, 20 rubies and 500 kg of gold.
“Yeah, that’s not very reasonable of him,” thought the girl.
With these thoughts, she made her way through the crowd looking for a shop whose merchant was part-time as her investigator.
Going to the rack, the girl saw a young guy sitting on a chair.
Robert is her friend and helper.
– Look who we have here.
Rita! What do you need? – asked Robert surprised.
– You are as always very hospitable.

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Heard anything about stealing scrolled right under the nose of Dark Elves? – Yes, something that I heard.
I understand you want to find out who could have done this? – Not.
I know who did it, but I do not know where he is.
His name Volder magician specialty protection-hacking.
“You may have to put pressure on some levers, and I think that you understand, it will be expensive.”
After all, this magician is probably very good at hiding.
– Yes, I understand.
How much do I have to pay? – As a friend you discount 10 gold.
So, from you 40 gold – the guy has grinned.
“Oh, you don’t regret the poor girl at all,” Ritan said jokingly, pulling out a bag of coins.
– Do not make me laugh! When the girl agreed on everything with Robert, she decided to take a little walk.
Ritan walked for a long time through the empty and dark corners of Sherim.
In this city, the crime is big enough and she hoped that some lustful robber would covet her charms.
And so it happened, after 30 minutes of wandering, she almost despaired, as she noticed that a guy of about 20 years old was following her.
She slowed her pace.
– Hey! Wait lady, you violated the rest of my possessions! – the guy grabbed the girl by the shoulder and quite grinned.
– You say that I violated the peace of your possessions? – The guy looked into his companion’s eyes and realized that it’s better not to play with her.
– No

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, sorry Madame, I was wrong.
– I do not think so.
You know who I am? – the guy nodded in agreement.
“You have to take the rap for your mistake with your tongue.” She transformed the nearest fishbox into a chair and flopped into it.
– Crawl to me a puppy – She spread her legs and pushed her panties, revealing her bud in front of him. Gay teen sex live.

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