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During this time, he can finish off my girlfriend.
With such thoughts I found an excuse for my weakness.
And he changed his position on the dog, on the position of terpily.

Have you forgotten who the boss is here – he said ?? No, I have not forgotten.
Then why the hell are you doing this? Can’t you see I’m dancing with a girl? With my girlfriend! – I dared to say.
If you yourself allow your girlfriend to work as a secretary, I am not to blame.
And if you tolerate the way I let you down with her in my office.
Then sit down and do not bark! And then quickly lose their jobs.
He let go of his hands and took a step back.
I grabbed my throat and rubbed my reddened hand.
Stand still! he shouted.
The pic was loud and I immediately obeyed to avoid another shout.
So that no one can hear him screaming at me, especially in the toilet.
Now apologize! he said even louder.
I did not know what I was to blame, but still began to ask for forgiveness.
Not understanding what is happening.
Sorry me please! Louder! Excuse me please!!! I was afraid of one thing: what is Nastya standing behind the door and hearing everything.
In addition, the door was not locked and at any time she could go.
Now you are demoted as a manager, to a cleaner! The order is not discussed, the duties can proceed

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right now! Nooo kkakk.
? Shut up the rag in your teeth and go! Start right off the urinals.
And tomorrow come in working clothes you will sweep the yard around the building.
I was completely uncoupled and did not mind that he quickly finished screaming.
I didn’t even realize that I am now a car wash, I wanted him to quickly finish the humiliating and loud speech that anyone could hear.

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If you don’t like to be a janitor, then get the hell out of here right now! I agree! I said softly.
I can not hear! What do you agree on? I agree to be a cleaner !!! Like this! You for the language no one pulled! Get to work! I’ll come check it out! He spat at my feet, turned and left.
I stood as if numb, and could not move.
I was so humiliated that everything swam before my eyes.
It turns out these were tears.
Tears of powerlessness.
Then I did not know what was waiting for me further and what humiliation I would have to go through.
Going to the bucket that stood near the entrance, I poured water into it, knelt down and began to wash the floor, clumsily leading it with a rag.
After a couple of hours when all the guests left, even Nastya went home without me.
I finished washing the toilet, even though it was pretty clean, it was still cleaner.
Leaving the corridor, I neither.
who did not find the guard sitting near the entrance said that everyone had gone.
And Dmitry Nikolaevich – I asked.
He also left, with one pretty girl by the hand.
Nastya I thought.
This one hundred percent was Nastya.
Is it really that bad?
The house was about 30 minutes on foot.
And I decided to take a walk and at the same time think about what happened.
Going to the house, I noticed the boss leaving car.
I decided to stand around the corner for a bit so as not to catch his eye, and when he left I entered the porch.
Home was Nastya.
She had just taken a shower and got into bed.
In the apartment everywhere stood the aroma of perfume chef.
I immediately realized that he came for a reason.
But after all that happened today, I was ashamed to roll up the scene of jealousy, and besides, I was too tired and wanted to sleep.
Having a shower, I lay down next to Nastya.
The blanket also smelled of male chef perfumes.
From the thought that he had sex with her on my bed, I felt uncomfortable, an insult drove so hard to my throat that it became hard to breathe.
I wanted to ask how the evening passed, but my tongue did not turn in shame.
In the morning, waking up before Nastya, I began to make coffee.
Thinking about yesterday, it was hard to believe that it was not a dream.
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