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Natalya went up to the seller and asked him if there were collars for the little bitch.
What kind of breed does your dog have, he asked.
Natalya thought a little, asked me, how many necks do you have, I quietly answered 37-38 cm.

while blushing again.
37-38 centimeters knot neck, there are such collars without bells and whistles.
The seller smiled and got 3 collars.
She was spinning in her head, would she really try on me now, but she immediately chose one of the three and paid off.
The leash is not necessary, I have one at home, she said.
Let’s go for a little snack, and then already in the stomach rumbling.
In the morning I did not eat except coffee.
Yes, and you calm down.
Good Natalia! I want to eat too.
We went to the diner and she immediately showed which chair to sit on.
There were not many people.
Three men drank beer.
Three meters from our table.
I sat down and stretched my legs, my skirt immediately rose to 5–8 centimeters, exposing my thigh.
Why are you shy, nobody here knows you.
It is necessary for me to be shy, I, too, without panties, moreover, in my city.
These words calmed me down.
The men stopped looking.
We ate salad and drank coffee.
How about going to the toilet? I want a little too.
Then let’s go, in the booth at the same time try on the collar.
Good Natalia! We paid for the entrance and went into the booth.
Mashunya I am the first, I can not tolerate, until you pull out the collar and sit down.
I sat up with my skirt and admired how Natalia urinated.
I was excited by the process, began to slowly masturbate. Hidden sex cam indian.

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