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Especially from the hard blows of his eggs, the rubber apparatus turned on and off, moving and vibrating in the stretched ass.
And in about ten minutes, they simultaneously ended up, showering each other with kisses, and as before praising each other.
For a long time without pulling out both yaldy, Roman kissed his beloved asking about the trip.

He, of course, did not believe Lerochka, when she defiantly replied, standing at the front door, that she was raped by company and duty outfit.
Therefore, I never asked again when I received this message.
But about the commander, who climbed to kiss his dried lips, and wanted to fuck her, he asked thoroughly, as an investigator investigator.
And if she had not told how she masturbated on the train for two days, he would never have believed that she did not fuck.

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Judging by the swollen and reddened pussy that does not happen like that even after the usual two or three acts in a row with him, she should have been torn up all night by a huge head.
Lera didn’t talk about the company officer and the soldier, how she spent the night in the storehouse with them.
Thinking, if she told her husband the truth in the hallway, and he didn’t believe it, he accepted it as another mockery, so why prove it by substituting himself under the blow.
She told more and more colorfully, excitedly, how she teased the men on the train, exposing the crotch in her panties, how they stared at her ass with the cut panties, how she masturbated at night thinking about her beloved husband.
Roman proudly listened to his wife, believing her once again and thinking how lucky he was with his wife.

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A beautiful woman, a good housewife, kind, seasoned, witty, loves children, and most importantly does not instruct him to open his horns, as many wives from their entourage do.
He got off the marriage bed, he was ashamed of the rubber penis, for torturing his wife with blowjob, and he did not know what to do next.
But Lera could always relieve stress.
She gently pulled the toy out of her ass, gently stroked it, and put it away into the corner under the underwear in the nightstand, joking that it would now be her lover in the absence of her husband.
Roman wanted to ask for forgiveness for a forced blowjob, but she again smoothed the situation, offering to lick each other’s pussies so as not to get up to wash, but to continue the embrace.
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