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The scattered light of the night sun only added to the image of romance and eroticism.
Smiling, she approached Tina, who also smiled in response, playfully covering her upper part of the heavier breast, so that the already swollen nipples seemed even larger.
Her skin glowed softly blue in the starlight, giving it a charming shine and lightness.

And then the girl stood up abruptly, throwing off her clothes.
With a quick movement, she approached Hassar and wrapped her arms around her elegant neck, firmly pressed herself to her naked body with trepidation, feeling the warmth of others.

– Tina.
– Maya whispered, stopping the girl’s lips with a finger.
– I really enjoy your initiative.
I still have things to do.
– Hassar swallowed the lump of desire that had come up, she liked spontaneity, she wanted this thin and incredibly attractive person for her.
– You are welcome.
– Maya looked into the surprised eyes of Tina, feeling how excited again by her touch.
“Get dressed,” Hassar removed the girl’s hands from her neck, pulled away and handed her a napkin, after which, trying not to look at the naked girl’s body, she went to the balcony, her clothes remained.

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she is.
how so.
“, – Tina sharply and unpleasantly felt rejected.
– “Why ???” – confused thoughts.
The whole touch of romance flew around like a husk.
Passion and desire were quickly replaced by resentment and bitterness.
The girl slouched again.
Naked, with a napkin in hand, she was ready to cry.
Maya got dressed.
Had a rose on her shoulder.
Straightened clothes and turned to his mistress.
She had her back to her, and Maya again marveled at the thinness of the girl, looking at how clearly the vertebrae and ribs could be seen, but at the same time the curve of her back smoothly turned into oval and full buttocks.
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