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“I will shout, let go now,” I protested weakly, but it turned out so weakly and not convincingly that Seryoga did not even pay attention.
Turning to me, he unceremoniously showered me with his strong steel arms, so that I could not even utter a word, firmly pulled me to him and began eagerly, passionately, to suck my mouth.
I, accustomed to the eternal passive role, now obeyed.

She threw back her head and responded to his kisses.
I thought about it, as if he didn’t smell the specific taste and smell in my mouth: tonight I licked my daughter’s pussy and anal hole.

Continuing to bring me up with his mouth to an ecstatic heel, Seryoga reached out with one hand in his bosom, and the other drowned deeply between my legs under the skirt.
I immediately remembered that after the last whipping, all my butt was one continuous shriveled, wound-strewn wound, I was afraid that he could see it or feel it with his hand.
Now she grabbed hold of his fingers with one hand, pulling them out of her panties, and with the other hand resolutely reached into his pants.
– Gray, please, do not go there with your hands, – I asked plaintively.
– Let me better go to the back seat and take off everything myself.

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And here is uncomfortable.
He was surprised, but let me out of his embrace, opened the door.
I moved back, quickly took off her skirt and panties, put them in the front seat.
Seryoga moved to me.
Laid back on an uncomfortable, narrow leather seat.
I widely, as far as the cabin space allowed, spread my legs apart, exposing her vagina under his embarked young cock.
The sensations were unusual, after a long lesbian dominance over me, I felt ill at ease.
I obviously lacked something.
Security guard Seryoga with anxiety, with hot aspiration, intermittently sniffing and moaning, entered me and began to drive.
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