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Now she clawed at his thigh, took a deep breath, and put her head on his cock.
Daniel opened his eyes wide, not understanding what was going on.
All the years that he knew the commander, she was calm and balanced.

But now.
He did not dare to move, since the barrel of the pistol was swaying in front of him.
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Basic movements of language If you are bragging about a lady that you have a good knowledge of technology,

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or rather, cunnilingus art, do not flatter yourself, as soon as possible she will check it in practice.
And if she is convinced of your inconsistency and lies, it is quite possible that you will quickly lose interest and trust in yourself, and at the same time access to her forbidden fruit – the cherished clitoris.
She will “strike you out of the list” of her potential Kunnilengers.
(Cunnilinger is a man orally caressing a girl).
I don’t think that you want to hear: – “Sorry, honey, I don’t have my days today!” Or: “I can’t, now my husband has to return!” This is one of the many eloquent forms of refusal to you in pleasure! I do not advise you to be in such a stupid position for you.

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At the meeting with the girl should come prepared and fully armed! Your weapon for you is, (not a member) it is your tongue! In the literal and figurative sense! First of all: you should have a good command of him when meeting and communicating with a girl, and secondly: skillfully possess him with a closer, intimate acquaintance with your lady.
With “this” acquaintance, your girlfriend will appreciate your sexual potential, practical knowledge and skills.
In order not to hit her face in the dirt, do not be shy! Shyness constrains action! Let her feel what she has not yet felt.
There are many possibilities and ways, for this you are given a head and a tongue: (for example, touch her anus with the tongue, and so on.
But do not do what she does not expect! Council – do not do the language of unnecessary movements! 2
How to win her confidence Again – in the language! Yes Yes! If your girlfriend is convinced that you are not a simple talker and are responsible for your words, (at least for some of them) she will feel trust in you.
Promise whatever you want! Speak a lot and beautiful.
But perform for her at least something now! You can promise her a vacation by the sea in Spain, say that you marry her, but immediately bring her to the store and buy the most expensive tights or panties for her! (By the way, inexpensive Italian panties cost $ 90.
I bought it myself!) The toad is not choking! For yourself, you try, in the end! What can be more pleasant when you, having put her skirt up on her, will see the panties that you presented.
Or, at worst, invite her to a restaurant.
Do not postpone execution indefinitely, the girl will lose interest to you! Indian sex caught in hidden cam.

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