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Then I lay, exhausted, and watched my wife and Angela love each other again, dissolve in the caresses of the ocean, and envied Angela for the fact that she bestows on my wife the tenderness she never knew from me.
Soon I was aroused in a new way, and I intertwined in the second round of both.
Finally, we, sated, exhausted, fell asleep in the arms of each other.

I will not continue in detail, because I cannot truthfully convey everything that happened afterwards.
The next day we wanted to leave, ashamed of each other, children.
but in the end they didn’t leave, and over the next week there were three more lovers of madness – two with Angela, and one – four of us: she brought a boy, a boy of 17, and we changed partners.
I fucked Angela, looking at how the boy treats my little wife, and was torn from jealousy and pleasure.
Before that, the two women caressed me, and it was something inexpressible: when two pairs of sensitive hands slide over you, and then two tongues climb into the auricles, and a lot of fingers caress the penis, the testicles, climb into the anus.
it is impossible to describe in words.
I lost the remnants of the mind, turned into a wet, spreading snail, which could be spread on stones.
We could not resist this sexual obsession, it captured us entirely, from top to bottom, and when silence arose that required words – we filled it with caress and sex.
We ran from children, as we used to run from parents, and we met in the mountains, in the grass, among boulders.
We also conducted orgies far away from the camp, and I will never forget how the four of us went to the mountains — I, the wife, Angela and the guy — knew where we were going and why, and at the same time chatted about trifles. Indian sex movie live.

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