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Jeanne could not withstand such an attack for a long time.
She felt the warmth enveloping her entire body, all the muscles trembling slightly.
She pushed Fabi away and squeezed her legs innocently.

while eagerly keeping the penis out of her mouth, she froze for a second.
Fabi climbed out from under the table, her whole face was also in Max’s sperm.

And with the tacit consent of the hostess left the room.
A triumphant smile froze on Max’s face for a second, Jeanne continued to suck, but slowly and reluctantly.
Apparently not wanting to stop his pleasure.
After some time, she vsal.
Has corrected on itself the unbuttoned dress.
All face and hair were in semen.
She pulled Max to her, kissed him tenderly and passionately.
Max felt his seed on his lips.
Joan’s breathing was quick and hard.
Do you like the taste of your sperm in your mouth? – whispered Jeanne.
– Do you like to cum in my mouth, like a real slut? Max did not answer.
But only said with satisfaction, – I think the breakfast was a success.
To be continued.

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This story is not the fruit of a sick imagination.
It is based on real events that took place in my hometown a few years ago.
The names of the characters are changed for obvious reasons.
– Excuse me! – From behind the shoulder came a low, slightly hoarse female voice.
Ilana shuddered in surprise and turned round sharply.
In front of her stood a tall blonde in huge dark glasses.
Narrow leather pants tightly wrapped tight hips, clearly emphasizing the perfection of the figure.
A white, heavily decolted T-shirt tightly wrapped around a woman’s sturdy body, and from a wide slit, full elastic breasts literally burst outward.
Ilana’s interlocutor’s eye couldn’t see behind almost black glasses, but the oval of the face, sensual mouth and correct nose shape gave a fair idea of ??the stranger’s pretty appearance.
– You wanted to know something? – uncertainly asked the girl.
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