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But I want you to finish like that.

Squeeze my head down.

Here is your last push.
You finished.
I lick you all.
You lie and can say nothing.
I rise, kiss you on the lips.
My dick burns and I abruptly enter you.
I open my eyes.
No one is around.
A member is worth a stake.
I take it in hand.
He is all hot.
I strip the head.
She’s all wet.
I run my

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finger over it, then lick it.
I carry a thumb pad over the head.
Feel growing excitement.
Legs are compressed.
I’m starting to jerk off my baby.
He was just waiting for this.
Screams burst from my mouth.
I have about two minutes.
The member is straining.
Trying to restrain myself, to orgasm was even stronger.
Recent movements.
And from a member of the freedom of semen escapes.
The first shot reaches my face, hits my lips.
I lick them and feel the taste of my sperm.
Subsequent shots hit my chest, my stomach.
Leftovers flow over my arm.
The smell of musk is in the air.
I breathe heavily and helplessly relax.
It was a long time ago, how long ago I can’t say so.
Probably in the 19th century.
This is another Russia, other people, another is the past life! And in a past life, by strange coincidences, I had to be a dog.

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My memories of my previous life begin with this.
So, I’m a dog.
Little, smelly and flea.
Without home and without breed.
Call – Bug.
Year of birth – unknown.
Parents – yard dogs of uncertain breed.
Social status – homeless.
Relationship status: Single.
No kids.
I run quietly through the streets of Moscow in search of food.
Someone will throw a piece of sausage, someone will throw a bone, well, and someone – and a boot in the face.
Anything happens in our dog’s life !.
“Lower beings!” – shout one.
“Our smaller brothers!” – others gently say.
Here are assholes! Yes, we are dogs, by the way, we will be smarter than some people, especially those who live in basements with us.
Yes Yes! Surprised? Ha, and, by the way, we also have our own laws – both norms and principles, and even – concepts.
What do you think? !! Spit the bone – give it back, did not return it – so you’ll be filled with the whole pack of dogs! All the concepts.
We do not respect the lowered dogs (as people do in the zone) – everyone barks at them, rushes and urinates on occasion.
Well, we got a little distracted! So back to our sheep, that is – the dogs.
It was a cold, very cold winter.
I have never seen such frosts in my memory.
Our local basements of such frosts could not stand, and my friend Martha and I moved for a while to warm and comfortable basements of the neighboring house.
Already placed there, when suddenly a healthy dog ??appears on the threshold.
“Woof! What the hell are you doing here?” he asked unceremoniously.
We went to bask, “- I replied, and at the very paws tremble with fear.
“Do you know how to blow job?” – confidently progavkal watchdog.
“What is it?” – I asked.
“I’ll show you now!” And with these words, the dog stretched out like a log on the floor. Instagram live boobs flash.

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