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“It seems to be their commander,” Isimura whispered.
– Big shot, probably.
And then the terrible began.

Kia watched with slow horror as an unknown Imperial commander suddenly looked straight into her eyes through hundreds of meters and grinned.
The next moment stunned her and Epoke with an explosion somewhere behind.
Rejecting the optics and turning around, the scouts saw their all-terrain vehicle burning and collapsed in two as a result of the explosion.
Barnes! – Epok, remembering about the remaining inside the driver.
I jumped to my feet and ran down the hill.
But as soon as he passed a brown boulder covered with local moss, he started to move and turned out to be crooked in three deaths and a man of impressive build covered with a maskkhalat.
This man slashed a black man with an army knife with an elusive movement.
A powerful blade capable of cutting the thinnest skins of spacecraft, if necessary, went right over the heels and cut the boots along with Kevlar pants and the flesh protected by them.
With a scream, Epok fell to the ground.
Isimura, who saw this, threw up the pulse rifle that she was holding at the ready, and let out a short line in the direction of the unknown.
But the charges hit the ground, and the incredibly quickly rolled away aside the enemy disappeared from sight.
The next second, Kia felt something thin, but very strong, squeezing her body with an iron grip.
An unknown force squeezed the chest, shoulders, stomach, causing the weapon to drop and fall on its back.

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Cap-three realized that they had thrown a

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hunting power grid on her.
It’s smart to use a hunting tool to take the captive alive.
Ho ho! – someone has thundered on an ear.
– Fouled! Kia saw people approaching, dressed in the same clothes that the observed Imperials from the camp wore.
One of them, a rock-like, wide, tall, bulging monstrous muscles even through a spacious jacket, straightened his black beret on his head and smirked smugly.
He stopped next to her and put his foot in a black boot girl on his chest.
Gotcha, birdie.
What are you fools.
We have spotted you a long time ago and besieged you like small children.
Will you talk right away, or will you be dragged to ours? Fuck you, ”Isimura hissed, trying to shed his leg.
Ha! Toothy! – the giant grinned.
And then she remembered nothing.
An Unknown Amount of Time After She Didn’t Speak? – asked the mustache man in a raincoat, seen by Kia.
– Even after treatment with narcotic substances? I’m afraid not, Mr. Colonel, – said the swarthy man in uniform without insignia.
– Drugs only caused a general weakness of the body, but it will not do us any good.
She is weak, but says nothing.
Clear, clear, clear.
– The colonel rubbed his chin, looking through the one-way glass at the captive Isimura.
The girl was now completely devoid of any clothing.
Armor and protective field uniforms were removed from it immediately.
Then he was deprived of shoes and underwear, checked for assorted spy devices.
Therefore, at the moment, chained to a chair in an empty room with a single dim bulb under the ceiling, the captive was completely naked.
Bare feet with graceful feet hesitantly trampled the floor, his head with black hair, disheveled and dangling to the shoulders, was lowered down, the colonel did not see his face.
Suddenly high and big for Asian breasts full second – incomplete third size unevenly heaved in intermittent heavy breathing.
The sloping touching shoulders twitched finely.
With difficulty lifting his gaze from the elegant curve of her waist, the colonel continued: “And what about the second prisoner?” Died. Korean sex movies watch online.

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