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A table with chains, pots of herbs and infusions.
Everywhere images of Octopus: dropped from heaven, watching people and participating in their orgies.
The stamp is the same everywhere – the same as before.

I neatly attributed the findings to the first.
The whole room has already filled the guard.
Riata in combat armor (wow!) Examined the scrolls and finds.
– he saw me – With success, boy.
I grinned.
I lived the twenty-first solar circle, and remained for him the same recalcitrant youngster.
– You took so many trophies.
– He said thoughtfully.
– our knowledge of the Octopus cult will increase thanks to them at times.
Well done.
– Thanks to Kostis and veterans.
– They are also good, but if you did not offer to wait for the five sent to the report to your boss – the Goddess, it would not be limited.
I slowly sat on the bench, where half an hour ago the girls, including me, were frolicking.
I wanted wine, but I tolerated it.
there was a lot of him around, but it was all poisoned by the damage of the Octopus.
And it is quite possible – and various poisons.
“We didn’t take the main thing – I nodded at the coven’s primordial priest.
– It is not important.
You took seven prisoners and did not even burn the hall – he smiled, remembering the capture of the first coven, when we almost burned down the section of the North Wing.
– I’ll tell Akalla how you excel.
– Thank.
“This does not release you from the report to the High Priest,” Riat said coolly.
“Let’s go,” he nodded at the initiates carrying the cauldron — let’s see how these goofs carry our value.
– Ours? “You think we will leave the Temple of the Snake with such valuable artifacts after.”

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How was it found in the coven? – he disdainfully kicked the bloody body of the murdered priestess of the Goddess with a sandal.
I nodded slowly.
The friendship between the temples begins to turn into a relationship full of distrust.
Said Carfaro slowly.
The last time I was in the Light apartments almost two months ago.
Then that visit almost ended with my death.
Today, Karfaro was guarded by twice the number of guards – the attempt on Akalla had made itself felt.
However, besides Carfaro and Riata, there was a young neophyte.
She actively participated in the favorite joke of the old priest, sucking it in during the

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reception of the speaker.
As far as she knew, she was not against it.
– Yes.
– I was humbly silent, looking at the frescoes behind Riata.
The high priest was out of sorts.
– Yours.
The High Priestess is dissatisfied with Riath’s decision to transfer all the finds here.
I think what answer to send with her – he nodded at the neofitka – refusal, or gross failure.
– But your lordship.
– Do not interrupt! The old priest raised his voice.
The guard shuddered.
“Torodo, these idiots have allowed the cult of knowledge to leak during your memorial service, moreover, their priestesses were entering the coven!” Do you understand what that means? – That a black sheep started up in the Temple.
“Or two black sheep.”
Or a whole herd with a ram at the head! I was silent.
According to the laws, I was a servant of God the Father, but I was obliged to respect the interests of the temple of the Goddess Mother.
Unpleasant situation.
And I had to get out of it, otherwise I would not see life in Knossos like my back.
And I get out, there are no other options.
– My Lord! “Yes,” said Carfaro. “Speak.”
– The temples have the same goal.
I dare say that the red captive went to the dungeons of the temple of the Goddess.
If we want to get results, then we should send the finds to them as an act of our goodwill.
Of course, after appropriate research.
– Keep Torodo.
I studied his report.
A redhead priestess could clarify a lot.
Unless, of course, she is still alive.
“They are sure to guard her,” said the priest, “past prisoners were also guarded, which did not prevent them from dying,” retorted Riata.
– You’re right. Lesbian beach hidden cam.

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