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Soon the lessons ended.
Katya decided to show the children the sights of her town.
The city park was a mixture of a little neglected forest with a landfill.

Everywhere there were some pieces of paper, empty plastic bottles.
The park was chosen by young people because of the presence of thick bushes, where they could indulge in sex aside from the eyes of others.
And the alcoholics, where far from the police gaze, were bitterly drunk.
The guys chose an empty meadow, fenced from all sides by bushes.
Katya and Olga sat down under a bush and lowered their panties and picked up the hems of their skirts.
Two small streams splashed on the sand, forming small salt lakes, which were absorbed into the ground, like a sponge.
Sasha saw the girls pee for the first time, he sat down next to them and could not take his eyes off the streams, which were filled with force, then they were almost exhausted.

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The novel, to which this spectacle was not the first, put his palm under the trickle running out of his sister, and fingering his vagina with his fingers.
By writing, the girls are freed from panties in general.
They lay down on the grass, substituting their pussies under the warm May sun.
Roman unwrapped breakfast that prepared his mother.
Having spread the sandwiches, he slapped Sasha on the ass and said: – Come on, become a cancer, I want to get a cucumber.
At first, Sasha just wanted to lower his trousers, but then he changed his mind, and took them off at all in tights.
He got on all fours, and from the hole in the pantyhose his scarlet anus stretched out with a cucumber looked out.
Roma cautiously pulled a cucumber back and forth and removed it from the boy’s ass.

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Sasha felt an incomprehensible emptiness, and freedom, which soon ended, since Roman’s fingers replaced the vegetable.
“Wow, we stretched you out.”
Well, get a cucumber from Katya.
Katya willingly substituted her ass and wagged her brother a little.
– Come on! Only slowly and mouth.
Sasha and Roma bent over the girl’s spreading pop.
Two tongues earned around her ringlet, wetting the anus, sometimes the tongue of one of the guys climbed into her vagina and moved along her lips, flirting with the clitoris.
Olya crawled closer and settled in front.
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