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But the arm got a jar of Vaseline! People over the older remember, such a green tin jar, forty millimeters in diameter and ten thick, with a convex lid.
With black inscription, across the lid “B A Z E L N”.

I open it, scoop it up with my finger, thick contents, white and yellow, and begin to spread it, smear it, and not lubricate the entrance to the vagina.
In the process I understand that it is necessary to lubricate all the same, and not to spread it, because this is not bread and butter.
Oiled finger, I begin to push into the vagina, smear its walls.
While doing this with one hand, the second in his underpants, fingering.
Like everything, smeared.
I drag, second hand panties to the knees, and the remnants of Vaseline grease member.
Wiping my arms, pushing her legs apart and kneeling on the bed.
Directing a member in the direction of the entrance to her “cave”.
Helping hand enter a member.
Enters easily, still all the same boy, and my size, much smaller than an adult.
I listen to the sensations, warm, soft, damp.
I begin to move my pelvis a little: back and in front.
It seems to work, but the friction against the wall is almost zero.
First, she is drunk, her muscles are relaxed; secondly, in fact, he “hangs out” there; thirdly, I’m just afraid to “wake up”, and I move slowly and smoothly, and the muscles of the vagina have time to adjust to me.
Honestly, for the first time, I snorted it for a long time.
When I felt the approach of an orgasm, I pulled out a penis with “brought to the finish line” manually.
I let her down on her stomach.
She never woke up like this.

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Not quite satisfied, he got up, brought a rag and wiped the sperm on her stomach and wiped her genitals.
Then he covered the rug and extinguished the light.
Well at least the lock in the door, was with an automatic latch, dropping the latch slammed the door.
Went to the bathroom washed.
Neither of which is supernatural, it is unlikely in the morning she will know about my experiment, but I have gained invaluable experience.
In fact, now the chatter of peers about “victories on a personal front” I can appreciate where the invention is and where the truth is.
I know how and where to start with a girl, what to do and where to insert.
And it turns out that on the basis of this experience, I myself can come up with a very truthful story.
Part 2.
After half a year.
In fact, the perfect repetition of the situation from the first part.
The so-called start.
Mother on a business trip, Baba Styura in the hospital, her husband on a trip, worked as a conductor on the railway.
Since that time, I’m already from a kid, turned into a guy.
Grew up, began to shave.
Appeared additional experience and knowledge.
The phrase “I want e.
Already my teeth ache “, approached me just! I’m home alone, Aunt Vala comes from some kind of holiday.
She again summoned me to her, for “a holiday – the day of a cut glass”, as I understand it.
A half-liter bottle of “Lemonade” and another bottle of wine appeared.

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were no glasses and glasses appeared on the table.
“’Such faceted, they can still be found in the canteen.
We sat at the table.
She suggested that I fill the glasses, and added that the men should also do something, not all of us (women) should serve you.
I poured half a glass of wine for her, and I wanted to pour soda to myself.
But she suggested that I try the wine.
(As if I hadn’t drunk it yet! In the USSR it was possible to live as a virgin before the wedding, but I couldn’t try to drink alcohol!) I also poured half a glass of myself, brushed a tangerine.
We clinked glasses and drank.
Ate a tangerine.
“Between the first and the second interlude is not big,” she said.
And I poured on the second, she was drunk next.
Aunt Valya, asked her to call Valentina, to which I agreed.
Then there was some kind of conversation.
Alcohol began to act, yet then I had to, not very much. Live black couple sex.

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