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While Chantal, exhausted and embarrassed by her own new sensations, curled up to recover herself a little and collect her thoughts after what happened, Verlaine, slowly, undressed behind her.
Naked, he crossed the chambers, went to the table, filled the gold cup with red sweet wine from a crystal decanter and returned to the beauty that had not yet fallen breath.
Glancing at him with a quick glance, she rose on her elbow, mechanically took the glass from his hands and drank.

“Drink to the bottom,” the duke ordered, and the imperative notes in his voice made the queen sit down and submit.
While she drank, Verlaine gracefully, like a wild leopard during a hunt, slid into a wide bed next to Chantal and lounged on silk pillows, impressively throwing aside one hand.

Now he did not move, but for some reason still seemed dangerous and unpredictable.
“Come here,” he said in the same commanding tone, smiling lazily.
Putting an empty glass on the bedside table, the girl suddenly realized what mistake she had made, mindlessly drinking so much alcohol on an empty stomach.

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Her body weakened, everything slightly floated before her eyes, her thoughts were completely confused.
She looked at the beautiful naked young man lying in her bed, and had no idea what she should do now.
Nevertheless, she obediently approached him on all fours, leaned over his face and innocently kissed him on the lips.
It was a natural impulse of tenderness and pent up passion.
The duke stroked her chin and pushed her curly locks to the side, which hid her shoulders and seductively rounded breasts.
Looking into her eyes, he slightly bowed his head, waiting for what this innocent little bird who had fallen into his claws, and now experiencing appreciation towards him for the incredible pleasure that he had delivered to him, would be decided.
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