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The men were ready to stack in front of her, and the women in hate sharpened their teeth.
All this greatly entertained Lyudmila and made her an ideal in the eyes of men and a witch, a seductress in the eyes of their wives.
But happiness, as you know, does not happen long.

A month later, Lieutenant Colonel Kalinevsky appeared in their apartment one evening, and sparkling new epaulets with gold, took out a bottle of Armenian brandy from a diplomat.
He cordially patted Zuev on the shoulder, pinched Lyudmila by the buttock, and morally said: – Ay.
Ay! Such a beautiful, young woman and suddenly disappears into such a remote place.
You must be the decoration of my office.
You have not forgotten, Lyudmila Andreevna, that you are on my staff as a senior accountant for the accounting of tangible assets, eh? – Why?

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Has your office already moved? – Of course.
And even repairs made in your office.
Therefore, please, my dear Lyudmila Andreevna, on Monday with all the parade, be with me.
In order to facilitate your delivery to work, every day, my Petr will come to pick you up, then me, and then you will be taken directly to your desk.
How do you look at this Fedor Fedorovich? – Kalinevsky turned to Zuev, who had not yet recovered from such unexpected news.
– Maybe you help in something, Fedor? – Kalinevsky looked at Zuev provocatively.
– Help the garage to organize.
I do not have your profile specialists, comrade lieutenant colonel.
– Why is it so official, Fedor? Tomorrow I will send my warrant officer Cherny to you, he is a great specialist in this area.
Has your Babenko already moved? – Yes.

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“Where does he live?” He was lucky.
In Vorontsov, the chief of the communications warehouse, the midshipman Zorin retired and freed the apartment.
She is near the part.
Two rooms and more.
The head of the IIA, under pressure from the head of the base logistics, gave this apartment to my Babenko.
– So this is great, Fedya.
Black will teach him everything, but he will only have to perform.
Is going? – Kalinevsky extended his powerful hand to Zuev.
He gratefully shook it.
– Well.
Deal done.
And now for konyachku.
BUT? – rubbed his palm Kalinevsky, opening the bottle.
After his departure, Zuev, frowning, looked at Lyudmila.
– This owl and here you got?
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