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we fucked him for a week: every day and night: it was an unforgettable week: and when I returned, I myself took a member of my husband and sent myself into the ass: this is the beginning.
A huge cock deeply plunged into Tatiana Borisovna’s elastic anus, severely tearing her sweetest anal walls, which were so iridescent with their life-giving juices of flesh.
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The anus was also surprisingly beautiful in shape and unusually deep, that each new entry of this feral member brought simply heavenly pleasure to Ivan Sergeyevich.
This deputy of the State Duma was a rather big fan of dissolute girls, which undoubtedly was Tatyana Borisovna.
Ivan Sergeevich had a fairly decent-sized member, who simply crushed Tatiana Borisovna.
It should be noted that Tatyana Borisovna was a great whore who never left her customers unsatisfied, satisfying their wildest desires.
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