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Sitting next to him, he began slowly, button by button, undo his blouse.
For a while she came to herself, but, feeling his hands on her chest, she tried to stand up.
He gently pushed her back.

“I want to get up,” she said, still slightly strayed, trying to stop his hands.
– And in general, do not touch me! What for? He grinned, ignoring her last words.
To leave! Do you want to leave? Yes! He smiled again and suddenly bent over her.
His lips were again a millimeter from hers.
Well go, ”he whispered, slightly touching her lips with his own.
– Come on, come on.
She shuddered.
No, she could not leave.
No matter how she fought with herself, but her arms wound around his neck, drawing closer.
She kissed hotly, ardently.
He answered no less passionately.
But then he broke the kiss and sat down again.
You see? – he said with a grin, continuing to unbutton her blouse.
– Nowhere are you going anywhere.
So be an obedient girl and do not show off.
I’m not a girl! She growled, trying to get up again, although she liked his touch. Mom sex cam.

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