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A woman led her to the third floor.
A huge room with access to a huge terrace, which ran throughout the upper part of the house.
Veleni liked it.

She asked to collect all the staff after an hour in the dining room on the first floor.
The woman nodded and left.
Anfisa, help me take a bath.
Anfisa rushed into the bathroom.
After 10 minutes she left.
The bathroom is ready, Mistress.
Are you with me.
Women undressed and went to the bathroom.
A huge bathtub stood in the middle of the room, filled to the brim with foam and water.
Anfisa helped Velena climb into it and climbed herself.
Make me a foot massage Tired very.
Anfisa began to knead her feet.
Velena relaxed so much that she fell asleep.
After 40 minutes, Anfisa woke Velen, as the water began to cool.
Women got out of the bathroom, rinsed under a shower located in the corner of the room.
Throwing a bathrobe over her naked body, the women went down to the dining room.
In the dining room stood a long wooden table.
A man lined up near him 5.
One woman and men.
Velen, trained in English, asked herself.
It’s all? Yes Milady! – the woman answered.
Then everything is at the table.
Everyone tell about yourself.
A woman got up from the table and wanted to start a story about herself.
Velen hand sign put her in place.
When we are at the table, it is not necessary to get up if I have not asked for it.
Keep going
I am Jeannette Ginto.
I work on the island for 5 years.
My responsibilities include: cooking, cleaning, washing, ordering food, and clothing and household items for the house. Nude random cam chat.

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