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Mike was already fucking her to the fullest, he dexterously pumped Lisa, over and over again completely pulling his cudgel out of her, to immediately drive her again.
Liza screamed a good mat, such moans and cries I heard from her only when she finished on our wedding night, and then she screamed every time her ass loudly slammed about Mike’s press.
Mike wore her without stopping, clinging tightly to Liza’s back, she even had bruises from his hands, but at that moment she had no time for that.

Her breasts dangled in different directions from the furious jumps, and she sank her hands and teeth into the pillow.
Mike began to growl from the tension, he accelerated his already fast movements, apparently about to finish.
But at that moment, when he was going to finally pull out his dick, so as not to erupt into Lisa, she somehow felt it, sharply leaned back with her whole body, leaning against his thighs.
In the next moment, Mike, having turned from a roar to a roar, was already casting his sperm into it.
After finishing, Mike did not move for a while, then he first slipped out of Lisa and, picking up her clothes, then slipped out of the room.
Lisa remained on all fours, her ass up and her face buried in the pillows.
Sperm flowed from her vagina with thick drops, and between her legs a whole puddle very quickly formed on the bed.
While Lisa came to her senses, I quickly pulled out my aching member and, attached to her protruding ass, entered her.
I do not know if she felt it, her vagina was so stretched and smeared that my cock was loose inside, literally without touching the walls.
But I was so excited that I still finished pretty quickly, adding my sperm to the charge left by Mike.
And only a couple of hours later, when the excitement of this day began to subside, after Lisa made me a blowjob, and I fucked her again, it occurred to me that Mike had finished her and she did not accept contraceptives.

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Actually, Sasha wanted to go to the jubilee meeting with his university classmates alone.
But his wife Inna grimaced, puffed out her plump red lips,

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and didn’t even talk for almost a day.
Against such “arguments,” the husband could not resist, and found it necessary to take his faithful on this short trip to the Big City.
This trip was planned by Sasha as a lyrical digression from the routine of family life, as a fleeting return to where 10 years ago he broke up with many friends, a cheerful and tumultuous student life.
We got light, fast, we decided not to stay at the hotel – private owners offered good rental apartments.
Sasha chose an inexpensive one-room apartment in a high-rise building in the very center of the Big City.
When Inna fluttered on the balcony, in front of her stretched a beautiful panorama, which led her to delight.
– Sash, look how beautiful! And you did not want to take me !!! – the spouse chided the woman.
The husband had no doubt that her appearance in front of her classmates would cause a reaction bordering on furor.
And it flattered his vanity.
The temptation to show his wife to his classmates was great.
28-year-old Inna really looked great.
About 170 cm tall, proportionally folded, with grace reminiscent of Bagheera, a woman with wonderfully curled hair, gathered back into an intricate knot with a hairpin, and large emerald eyes.
Well, and still a neat small chest, alluring hemispheres of strong backside and sensual coral mouth.
By the way, it was the piquant swelling of the lips that gave Inna’s appearance a powerful eroticism.
A short light dress, which fitted the figure and emphasized its beauty, opened round knees, long tanned legs — they were slim and beautiful, the calf line smoothly passed into the Achilles tendon, and the rise of the foot was high.
The beauty of the legs emphasized elegant sandals on the “hairpin”.
Sasha involuntarily admired his wife, appreciating her charm and appeal.
He felt the desire to bring this bronze frisky filly to bed, but this was clearly not part of his wife’s plans.
Gently gutting her travel bag, she grabbed a huge terry towel, and at the same time put a bag in her hand, and rushed into the bathroom.
He married Inna 7 years ago, having already lived for some time in the Center of the province, where he arrived immediately after studying in the bustling Big City.
He quickly got a job, and there were no problems with housing – he was left with a cozy “lint” from his grandmother.
And I found my happiness right here, in a cafe next to his office.
Swift and slender, sweetly inflating plump lips Inna he liked immediately. Nude webcam clips.

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