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Today was the day when Ruslan’s parents were absent, and his apartment could become a place of love comforts for him and Alina.
And now this young couple was in a hurry, puzzled by the goal of satisfying their passion.
They entered the apartment, Ruslan locked the door, and they could not wait any longer and began to throw off their clothes.

They reached the room of Ruslan’s parents, where the big bed was, in their underwear.
Ruslan was in free family shorts, and Alina was in modest white panties and a white T-shirt, from which the sharp nipples of her small but elastic breasts protruded.
Alina usually wore modest lingerie, but was incredibly sexy in her too.
It is clear that a member of Ruslan was already striving to break free with all his might.
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) Alina could not resist and, when there were only a few steps to the bed, she pressed Ruslana to the wall.
She firmly kissed Ruslan on the lips, while her hand slipped into the panties of her beloved and gently wrapped her arms around her cock.
Ruslan remained motionless for a few seconds, and Alina, kneeling, fell to his penis with her lips.
Ruslan barely heard a sob when the head of his body disappeared deep in the greedy mouth.
Alina loved Ruslana, and she wanted to give him a special pleasure.
Ruslan sustained several movements of Alina, from which a member immersed in a hot mouth and slipped out of it, and then took Alina by the arms and lifted from her knees.
Ruslan was not one of those men who are squeamish about a woman during or after a blowjob.

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He hugged Alina, pressed her to himself, and their lips merged in a passionate kiss.
They moved to the bed, but Alina achieved what she had in mind – she managed to finally undress Ruslana and set him on the edge of the bed.
Alina knelt down and took the trembling member in her mouth.
She felt how excited she was, what a pleasure a member of her lover gave her, being in her mouth, and decided that she simply had to thank him for it.
And thanks to Alina knew how.
She moved her head gently, but very greedily sucking on a member of Ruslan, tightly wrapping his tender and hot lips.
When Alina lowered her head, she squeezed her lips tightly, the dick entered her mouth very tightly, and Ruslan thought that he could not stand this heat of passion, go crazy with pleasure or rush and rape Alina.
But he held on, and Alina continued to drive him crazy.
Ruslan really wanted to grab Alina by the head in order to feel power over her, but he did not dare to do this, because he loved her very much and thought that he would offend her with such behavior.
Alina raised her head and looked at her lover with clouded eyes.
She smiled, he wrapped her arms around her head and kissed her.
Their mouths stared at each other, and their tongues gently but firmly entwined.
The kiss lasted a long time, but Alina was the first to interrupt.
– Honey, can I ask you a favor? – Alina asked, stroking the head of his penis hand.
– Of course, anything! – Answered Ruslan.

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– Hold my head when I caress you, I want to imagine that I am your slave.
I really like to feel the powerful master.
– She said, and not waiting for an answer, put her lips to the excited member.
Do I have to say with what pleasure Ruslan fulfilled this “request”? He gently but firmly gripped her head with his hands, stroking her beautiful thick hair, and continued to enjoy the sensations.
But now he was much nicer – Alina obeyed him implicitly, moving her head the way he wanted.
She played the role of a very obedient slave and, boldly, Ruslan forced Alina’s head to move faster and deeper and deeper into his mouth with his greedy mouth.
Alina enjoyed not less than Ruslana, and if she was somehow different from the slave, then the fact that no compulsion would have forced her to be as affectionate and passionate as she was. Nude wife cam.

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