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The order in the city watched a couple of people.
They guarded the only entrance to the city.
If desired, any gang, even the smallest, could capture the Vagrant Orphanage, but only this god-forgotten hole was not needed by anyone.

Going beyond Fairil, Dylan and Faith walked in silence at first.
When the radio on Horner’s belt squealed, Dylan hesitated.
This radio got Dylan from the mother.
Two months ago, Emma.
visited the camp where Dylan’s squad was based and handed her son a walkie-talkie to keep in touch with the Queen of the Seas.
She would not distract him for the sake of some trifle, and Dylan was well aware.
The radio continued to squeak continuously even after Dylan and Faith had circled a high hill and reached the river.
Realizing that he needed at least something to answer, Horner turned on the radio,

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and brought it to his mouth.
– I’m busy right now! Then we will talk! – he hastily blurted out.
– Wait, Dylan! Faith heard a disturbed female voice.
– To me.
Before Emma could tell what she needed, Horner turned off the radio.
– Jealous girlfriend? Faith asked with a grin.
“She’s the one,” said Horner, without batting an eye.
– Afraid that as long as she is not around, you will take and clean someone’s shaggy pipe? – Did not guess.
My girlfriend knows where I went, and worries as if something happened to me.
Everyone knows that the season of hunting for the military has opened in Faril.
Faith stopped, and looked incredulous at Dylan.

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– What nonsense are you talking about? What the fuck is the hunting season? – I did not understand the girl.
As if fearing that they might be overheard, Dylan looked around carefully.
– I myself do not believe in this nonsense, otherwise I would not have stuck with Doyle.
Everything just so badly coincided, – he said mysteriously, lowering his voice.
– What is the match? Do not go around the bush and talk specifically! – in the voice of Faith clearly heard annoyance.
“It’s all because of the incident last week.”
At the invitation of Doyle Faril a small army delegation was going to visit.
True to the city she never got.
Three kilometers from the north gate, someone fired at them from a bazooka.
No one survived.
When the situation demanded it, Faith was able to control herself well, and therefore not a single muscle flinched on her face.
She was the mysterious shooter who hit the army helicopter.
As far as Faith was known (although she herself was not 100% sure of this), Billy did not invite any delegation to Faryl.
But Doyle did not order anyone to kill the uninvited guests.
The fact that CSF sent to Faryl, Faith learned from one of Doyle’s spies living in Vagrant Shelter.
It was to him that Dylan and Faith were now going to visit, but on a completely different matter.
The murder of the military was extremely short-term whim Faith, responsible for which the girl did not have to.
Edge Faith heard that after learning that someone had dealt with the military, Billy was furious, and ordered to find and punish the culprit, but she didn’t particularly worry about it, knowing that she wouldn’t figure it out.
– It is strange that someone attaches importance to this.
“The army team had been ambushed before,” said Faith, with fake frivolity, closely following the reaction of the interlocutor.
– This is not the case.
The delegation was headed by some important bigwig.
I don’t remember exactly, but I think some major.
Colonel, Mentally corrected Dylan Faith.
Coming to the crash site, Faith found only a burning helicopter, turned into a pile of scrap metal, and a bleeding army soldier with broken legs, who managed to crawl away from the helicopter at a considerable distance. Online forced sex videos.

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