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I already faced it.
The girl is tired of being strong in life, she wants to find something where she will be by herself – helpless, humiliated, fulfilling the wishes of a man who is stronger.
Who does not stand on ceremony, does not ask what she wants now – but does what she wants.

And these desires for Anya miraculously formed on two parts that surprised me especially — the incredible need for sex and the desire for “beautiful” submission.
The latter has always attracted me — not just putting on a collar, securing power; and dress it up so that it is beautiful.
To grace, undisguised sexuality, something beautiful lurked in the way the slave sits on a leash; in the way she is dressed; in the manner in which she ministers to the master; in the way she is sitting next to; in the way she moans, tormented.
A separate topic.
I am not a sadist, and I liked that the girl also does not attract pain in its purest form.
Pain as a punishment, or pain, along with the buzz – the fantasies that make it up, and my favorite practice. Pornhub livejasmin.

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