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Russian live sex. Marina nodded in dismay.
She really heard only the last phrase of Svetla.
She will be silent, like a fish.
Hurry to yourself, in the accounting department.

-Sit out, calm down.
Drink water – Edward himself did not find a place.

Not enough, that would have learned the whole department.
An hour later, Svetlana, leaving the office of the director of the company, with inflamed eyes, tiredly fell on the sofa in the office of the head.
-What should I do? – Doomed she said, looking into the void.
– Here is another conversation !!! – sighed in relief Edward.
Slightly flew half a year.
The rumor about a stunning, pliable translator quickly spread in a narrow circle of the business world of a small but rather rich country.
Svetlana has long been accustomed to the rich “Buratino”, not forgetting to give her expensive gifts.
So, under the pressure of the chief, she went “hand in hand”.
A small shiny bag with a condom, has become a mandatory attribute of her cosmetics.
Many foreigners knew the magic of her spell, she learned a lot from them, she was a magic mistress, but she was most attracted to Edward.

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Only with him she really felt the joy of full-fledged sex.
Oddly enough, despite the fairly wide range of foreign clients, very few people knew about her adventures.
From the outside she seemed quite a decent woman.
One spring evening, Yuri stayed longer than usual with his friend Sergey.
His father returned from a business trip abroad and brought a Vidic to his son, a rarity at that time.
After watching the action movie, Tatiana, Sergey’s wife, said goodbye to the men, retired to her room, leaving the men alone.
Those sipping cold beer, lazily discussing a foreign masterpiece.
Do you want a great movie to watch? – going to a whisper, Sergey asked boyishly and, without waiting for an answer, he took out a cassette from his bag.
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