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Not even asking me! Then she leaned over to me, in general this, began to take the t-shirt from me, whispering in my ear, say come on, just five minutes to pose and four hundred in my pocket! Pivka have a drink! Come on, come on, they say, you wanted naked.
Wanted, yes retired! And she was not ready! In general, I looked at the boys already just in horror what! These contented drunk snouts frightened me greatly, and how they were staring lustfully at me in all eyes, driving me even more into the paint – brr !!! I lowered my eyes, tried to pick up the shirt, and Masha, the bitch, did not give up.
– Well, come on beauty, do not be shy, all your own! – Boys having fun, began to shoot me! – Smile! And I could not stand it, let go of the shirt and ran.

Not knowing where, why: Naked, turning the corner, I ran a little more and finally stopped.
She left the road to the fence, squatted on her haunches and burst into tears.
How I hated everyone then! And myself as well !!! A minute later, a frightened Mashka ran up to me, thank God, alone.
– Alice, what are you doing? – Mashka sat down next to me, stretching my shirt.
– What are you doing? Just what? – I got up and dressed, calmed down a bit.
– And what of it, you wanted: and I thought: ah, in general, forgive, and ?! – Come on, I am also worried with fear, did not expect this from myself, to be honest – I wiped away tears – How stupid did I look ?! And what will they think about me now ?! – Yes, everything is fine, what the fuck will think of them, it’s just, it seems to me, you, too, would not be stopped by beer, well, for courage.

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– Oh well, the nurse hears – will kill! – Yes, it doesn’t take a little thought, by the way, the boys called to them, there are girls there too, so look, if you have gone, they will be served you a beer! Oh, this Masha, beer and boys, her weakness.
I was afraid to return to them, (I was ashamed of how it was for my trick) and invited her to go alone.
She kept refusing, but I convinced her that I already wanted to just walk alone.
In general, they parted.
With fear, I put on both leggings and a bra (coward-aaa !!!!), left the territory through another exit in the fence, wandered a little along the small fishing line nearby, thinking about what I

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thought was unworthy behavior.
After half an hour I calmed down, after another fifteen minutes I wanted to undress again! Yeah, you must definitely change! It is necessary to stop being ashamed of people, but for this, I thought so, I should be more often naked before them.
Just!!! Only where ?! And to whom? And how? Here before girlfriends? You can start with them, Masha, however, reacted normally, even excellent! If here, for example, invite her to visit when the mother is not naked and hang out, an option ?! Option! Katka is the best friend, only upset, but this is probably because of my little sister, or maybe the upbringing is, FIG know.
And if, for example, in front of boys, only who are normal, who don’t immediately pester, for example Mishka is a nerd, of course he is still (my classmate), but we have very good friendly relations with him.
It will surely be funny, embarrass him with your half-naked (well, or naked) appearance! The occasion just needs adequate! We need to think about it !!! Where else, if not in front of your friends? I remembered the pictures from Neta, the beach immediately appeared before my eyes, damn it, just the perfect place !!! I wandered around the neighborhood, never ceasing to think about ways to undress.
The beach haunted me the most.
I already wanted to get to him sooner, but this is only tomorrow! Rather tomorrow! Lie naked in the sun! Rather, rather !!! Between the legs zasverbilo again, I stopped and looking around, stroked her pussy through the leggings, wishing I was dressed.
I went back to school again – it seems like the only place where you could safely change clothes. Sex and the city tv series watch online.

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