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I have to sit and watch all this fucking.
I did not even have time to blink an eye, but they disappeared again.
“In give!” – I thought.

Actually only my wife gave.
I slowly crept up to the room, where, as I said, they disappeared and looked in the door.
She was lying on the bed face down, dress zadrano to the waist, and this, excuse the expression, fuck my wife! Natalka just mumbles something inarticulate.
What could I do? Quietly close the door and return to the hall.
For a long time, they, or rather Natalka, did not appear, but I noticed a strange tendency; male individuals began to disappear from the hall, and for some reason, towards that very room.
Naturally, I was attracted by “curiosity” and followed them, and my gaze presented an exciting (if you can call it that) sight.
Bent over the back of the chair and resting on his seat, completely naked, Natalka accepted two cocks at the same time.
The back and face were filled with sperm, and when another fucker departed from her, I saw, besides the stretched (as it were more detailed to say) slit (yes, the word slit somehow fades in comparison with what was there), a dark bardic hole anal sex It was a shock! Even I had no right to it.
And here! Staying there was somehow uncomfortable and I went out and stayed waiting for my wife in the car.

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About three hours later she got out and reached the car with an uncertain walk

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Spanked in the backseat and we drove home.
At home, without undressing, fell on a sofa and fell asleep.
And after half an hour, she began to vomit, and sperm.
In the morning they tried to take off her dress and send it to the shower, but it was not so easy, they put the dress right on the very sperm that was on the back and it dried out.
In short, I loaded my wife in a bath in a dress, and when it was soaked, I also had to wash it myself, as my wife poured into the bath and soaked for half a day.
These are the pies !!!
For the next week, Tatyana was in a state of trance, fear, and sometimes she was hysterical.
She bought pregnancy tests every day and watched with horror whether the second line appeared.
Soon, Tanya realized that she had carried.
But it did not become easier.
The whole harmonious, orderly world order of Tatiana collapsed.
Everything that had been built up over the years — relationships with a husband, overcoming difficulties, the joy of having a child, career growth — all collapsed after four glasses of wine and the presence of a guard in the room.
It seemed to Tanya that now the relationship with her husband, and the whole life will never be the same, is divided into before and after this incident.
She decided not to notice the guard, passed him with a stony face.
Often she wanted to give him a palm in the face, but stopped her fear of publicity and the understanding that nothing would have happened without her participation, no matter how tempting it was to convince herself that it was rape, it did not work, for Tanya remembered her excitement, limp body and the feeling of pleasure from the movements of the penis in it.
Time passed and Tanya began to calm down.
Tantrums stopped.
Life began to enter its course – work, child, husband. Sex arab online.

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