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And if in the Empire of people, the

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drow were treated with suspicion, but still tolerated, the elves extremely disliked their dark brethren.
Doubly unlucky.
Guns to the ground! – continued voice.

A bastard sword and a pair of long daggers flew to the ground.
It’s all? – with a strange intonation asked a voice.
However, Istel instantly understood the hidden meaning of the question.
I am not a priestess.
– she growled.
It was true.
Istel studied both martial arts and magic, but she never tried to beg for handouts from the Spider Goddess.
Accordingly, she did not have weapons of priestesses.
Finally, the owner of a melodic voice appeared from the darkness – a tall elf with a bow at the ready.
The bowstring was not strained, but Chris was not deceived – he would not overtake the elf.
But Istel, perhaps, could have done something if she had a weapon in her hands.
Behind their backs, several elves also appeared, who searched and tied up Istel.
Only one elf came up to Chris, gesturing to go forward.
In her eyes, there was coldness and contempt for the man who was voluntarily helping the drow.
That was almost true – Istel removed the collar from Chris as soon as they got to the surface, demanding, however, at first to promise that he would not leave the elf alone.

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They walked for quite a long time – it was already getting light, but in the end they came to the garrison.
It turned out to be a fortress-tree.
Chris already captured the spirit – he did not know that such giant trees can exist.
Istel also turned her head – she spent only a week on the surface, and for her everything was new here.
As it turned out, there were many tiers inside the tree.
They were placed on the uppermost tier in the barred room, without mentioning their further fate.
Watching left only the very elf who escorted Chris.
The complex of elven services “Feel yourself a princess” – Istelle chuckled – we lock in the tower and wait for the knight.
You, by the way, promised to deliver me a safe place.
It is quite safe here.
– shrugged Chris.
Constant verbal picks with the drow were already a habit.
But she unexpectedly kept silent.
Istel did not want to admit, but now she was terribly afraid.
Yes, she expected to be tested in the Upper World, but she hoped to contact with people with whom it was much easier to reach an agreement than with the principle elves.
And now – what will they decide? But for a long time she did not have to torment herself with doubts.
In just half an hour of their conclusion, the tree-tower shuddered as if from a strong ramming spell.
From the street came an obscure sound.
But Chris had enough of these vague fragments, once he heard the sound before the destruction of the garrison, where he served.
It pounded the orcs drums.
Santil grimaced irritably and stirred the water, not wanting to see the face of her younger sister, and then gently entered the river, sinking with her head.
For two days now, she has been on the trail of Istel on the surface.
Now with her only two soldiers, the rest died during the collapse or from their wounds.
These three are the pitiful remnants of the noble House D ‘Liette.
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