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I looked at my gentlemen who pulled the leashes and just thought, “Now my dear ones.
The poor ones missed mom.
Well, be patient, now I will be yours, very soon. ”

Rising to my floor, I wondered who I would give myself first.
I understood that, most likely, Lordik from not being patient would not allow me to fuck with Polkash while he didn’t remove me, and I couldn’t physically be able to lock him in the corridor, he would simply not let me do it.
It was decided that at first Lord would fight me, Polkash would wait in the corridor.
Upon entering the apartment I took off my overcoat with boots and walked into the hall, Lordic with Polkashey flew in after me.
I undressed before the goal, Lordik did not patiently start jumping on me, exposing his purple rod.
“Well, wait Lordi, well, nice, now we will show off Polkash and I will be completely at your disposal.”
I took Polkash for the collar and dragged me into the corridor.

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I did not have time to close the door behind him, as Lord immediately threw me at the door.
I felt his strong paws powerfully squeezing the flexible female waist, his cock went into my already expiring pussy and the hurricane swotting began.
After half a minute, Lordik had already poured the contents of his eggs into me, turning back to me phlegmatically.
His big and mighty knot was burning in me and I was rolling into the depths of orgasm.
Not much having come to myself after another wave of pleasure, I heard Polkashi’s plaintive whine behind the door.
My heart bleeds, “wait for Polkash, a little.
I’m busy with Lordica now. ”
I understood that I could just get up and free myself from Lordic’s castle, but I felt sorry for him, he had been waiting for our intercourse for so many days, and I just had to be his faithful bitch now.

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But Polkash continued to whine and scratch the plaintive door of the hall.
I have not been with Polkasha for so long and from the realization that he will soon take possession of me, my ass was already burning in a bliss.
I touched the anus ring with my finger and it invitingly slightly opened and squeezed tight.
I understood that Lordik would own me, as usual, for another thirty minutes.
I realized that I could not stand such a long agony of waiting, and listening to how I suffer without my ass Polkash is beyond my strength.
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