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Then one of them got up, and having turned his back to his company, but facing us, went up to the tree and, having slightly lowered his terrible cowards, took out his pale sausage and began to urinate the bully-headed teeth.
He did it as if there was no one around, selflessly and without concealing the pleasure, with his head thrown back and his eyes closed.
I was not clever for Katya and me.

In addition, his dignity was very impressive size: his dick was much thicker and much longer than mine.
I am full by nature, but my penis is thin and not long, and I urinated differently: I just held the penis between my thumb and forefinger.
This same jerk dick was some kind of relaxed, long and thick, like a gut, all covered with veins.
Glancing at his wife, through closed eyes, I was horrified to see that she squinted and, putting the magazine aside, tried to see all the details of how the guy meets his needs.
And she observes from the very beginning.
Katya has poor eyesight, she spoiled him when she studied at the teacher’s college.
Suddenly, with her left hand, without turning away, she fumbled in her bag, and took out glasses in a fashionable frame, hastily dressed them.
She did not know that I was watching her and behaved as I could have been ashamed of me.
The guy, meanwhile, finished urinating and shaking off his bolt, shook them like a trunk.

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Katerina nervously licked her lips and flushed.
Suddenly, the guy, looking in her direction, only having noticed that he was being watched, slightly jerked off his friend, then, running his hand into the depth of the panties, took out his eggs from there, rolling them in his spot and smiling, amazed at what Catherine saw, again removed all his farm back.
Kate lowered her eyes and lay down, not showing the kind of guy that it somehow hurt her feminine nature.
I rolled onto my side and pretended to be awake.
Katya was silent.
I asked her: -How are you? She replied in a deaf voice that everything was in order.
I suggested a swim.
She thoughtfully, she said that she could.
I had to go to the water through these blue guys.
As we passed alongside them, and a little further, I heard a whistle of admiration.
A satisfied smile ran across Katya’s face.
It hurt me, because before that she had shown arrogant indifference to male attention.
We had a short swim and went to our rug.
The guys were lying on their backs, and laughing out loud, poisoned jokes.
Their cowards were so disproportionately large to their frail bodies that it once again seemed funny to me.
Katya constantly looked in their direction.
What is there? Where is she staring at, because I myself

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tried not to look at these snaps, and what was she looking at? Carefully casting a glance at them, I realized where my wife was looking.
Wide panties were so big that on the side they just hung and easily opened up the overview on their genitals.
Gee, I was shocked! My wife stares at other people’s pipirki.
We lay down on the rug, belly up, but the conversation did not work, everyone was thinking about his own: Suddenly, above my head, a little sideways, in the direction of Katerina, that kid appeared who urinated against a tree. Sex jasmin live.

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