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Sex life under cam.
Julia was preparing to give birth to me: 32

In the following days, although it was a weekend, the same strange ritual took place: in the evening I became a man, no longer embarrassed; as a man follows, I fell into a deep sleep, and at night he woke me up and raped me harshly and almost sadistically.

Of course, very soon I got caught: at first mom asked why I was so tired, and then, with horror, I saw that she had changed the linen on my bed during the day! My dear lay in his place under the pillow, neatly tied with his wiring! On the phone, my mother said that she was worried about me and that I had to take care of myself and rest.
A few days later Volodya called me at work, or rather Tamara called, and when I approached, she greeted me and handed the phone to Volodya. Sex life under cam.

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