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Bent forward, she leaned back on the table.
Her bare legs were ruthlessly spread apart by my knee, and I, already entering her vagina, pressing my belly to the warm, round buttocks.
She was silent, standing at the table and giving me her round ass.

She silently swayed from my quick pushes and only occasionally uttered quiet, barely audible moans.
But, did not cry.
Once, I finished the second time and let her go.
She straightened, and gently put on swimming trunks, then pants, went out.
I felt disgusting.
After all, I now raped her.
Without even asking if she wants it.
She came back to me in a few minutes.
Her pink, clean-washed face just was surprisingly impassive.
Going to the table, not looking at me, she poured some brandy into a glass and drank it.
Sorry for goodness sake! – I begged.
– I found some kind of eclipse.
Believe me, I never treat women like that! Shut up, please.
Drink better if you want.
I sat for a few more minutes and, feeling very awkward in front of her, said goodbye and left.
Without looking at me, she nodded in response, and I left.
Natasha woke me up at five o’clock in the evening.
Well, you and the drowsiness, smiling tenderly, she said, stroking my dick.

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Really, I tired you so yesterday.
Still be nice! With such a woman, so do not get tired.
Remember that we got up with you.
Remembering her daughter,

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Natalia frowned.
By the way, my Dasha came for the holidays.
She is studying at my university, she will be a physicist, the woman proudly added.
I wonder what she does? Putting a finger to her lips, Natalya left the room, and smiling, immediately returned to me.
She said softly, Got out of the way.
I turned away, hiding a smile.
I knew well what she was getting tired of.
Natalia sat down on the bed, and, throwing back the blanket covering me, stroked my thigh with a hot, gentle hand.
We are here, do not miss? She asked.
No, honey.
We sleep.
We had no time to miss.
“Well, if you slept, then you had a good rest after yesterday,” the woman said.
And, having closed the bedroom door on the latch, took off her dress, revealing a slightly plump, but beautiful-looking body.
A few hours spent in a dream, allowed me to have a good rest.
Looking now at how a woman takes off her panties in front of me, exposing her labia-like lips, I felt a strong desire to possess her.
Quickly approaching her, I almost tore off the bra that was tight on her large round breasts and her lips stuck into the woman’s brown-pink large nipple.
She pressed my head to her with a careful, almost maternal movement, and I began, with ecstasy smacking my lips, to suck her breast, causing gentle moans to the woman.
My hands wandered around her tightly-knit back, caressing the large hemispheres straining from my buttocks caress, stroking the satin-smooth inner surface of her tender thighs. Sex mobile online games.

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