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According to her, a big, very big surprise was waiting for him there.
The surprise didn’t disappoint – it was Sylvia’s huge bare ass.
The mighty warrior stood completely naked, her hands on the headboard and her legs wide apart.

Her fat cock was already excited and swayed slightly with heavy eggs.
Liliana went up to her friend and stroked her wide back and buttocks: “Although Sylvia is very strong and sometimes even rough, sometimes she likes to be punished properly,” Lily said and winked at Richie.
“She’s all at your disposal, you can do whatever you want with her.”
All her holes are already properly prepared.
Liliana put her hands on the big, rounded buttocks and spread them wide, showing off the dark little ring of the anus that gleamed with grease.
The prince walked over to Sylvia, who was leaning over the headboard, feeling an unusually strong wave of excitement rising in her body.
He squeezed her smooth

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elastic halves in her hands, and she answered him with a contented moan.
Liliana at this time managed to undress and helped the prince quickly throw off so hateful to him a dress with pink flowers.
“Well, now let’s thoroughly punish this big ass,” Lily reminded her and slapped her friend.
Richie was dizzy for a moment: Sylvia, always so brutal, now only submissively expected in such a seductive pose.
The prince looked once more at Liliana and also weighed a light slap on Sylvia’s wide ass.
– Yes! – happily exclaimed Lily.

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– Do not be afraid, beat harder! The prince weighed a few more slaps putting already more strength.
With each blow, Sylvia’s tense member began to shake violently, and droplets of grease broke from the tip of the head.
Under the skin, tense muscles rolled, legs slightly curled and straightened again.
It seems that she was very excited by such an appeal: – Mmmm.
Yes! – moaned Sylvia, wriggling her whole body.
– More, stronger! Do not feel sorry for my ass! When Sylvia’s buttocks were completely covered in red, Richie decided to switch to something else.
He stroked the little ring of the anus that was slippery with grease and gently inserted the index finger inside.
With his other hand, he grabbed the resilient head of his penis and rubbed the very tip.
Sylvia instinctively bent her knees and twisted her backside, trying to free her dick from the hands of the “torturer”, but Liliana forced her to accept her previous position.
– Where are you going? – strictly asked Liliana and weighed another weighty slap.
– Stand still and do not twist your ass !.

“I said not to be this! Thin partitions of wood and rice paper trembled.”
The dark shadow of a man in heavy armor rushed from wall to wall.
The father never took it off, although the battle was over.
Miraculously won the battle that they were supposed to lose.
– But you gave the word.
Vowed before gods and people, – the adviser’s voice rustled.
– The wedding should take place.
for the one who brought you your enemy’s head? The one who saved the clan from destruction, and your daughter from the fate of a much more bitter than a similar marriage? – Shut up! I said it will not happen! – The gods do not forgive false vows.
– You can pray for the gods! And I will give my daughter for the young Tomoe.
And this marriage will bring the clan much more benefit than the insanity that you propose.
Yatsufusa same.
I want to poison.
There will be no big sin.
Fusehime rose and, stepping noiselessly, headed for her half of the clan castle.

She did not know what to think.
I did not know what to do.
The temptation to obey the will of the father was so great. Sex video livejasmin.

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