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At first, she decided to fix her “hairdo” on the pubis and, armed with a razor, diligently began to scrape her pussy, seeking a smooth narrow strip above the labia.
These manipulations always excited her, because in order to achieve the desired result, sponges had to be delayed, crushed, which always worried her.
After washing the foam, Masha was satisfied with herself and decided to wash herself.

Having collected a little shower gel in her palm, she began to

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rub it over the body.
She lifted her elastic breasts full, with her nipples sticking out of excitement and slightly crushed them, feeling a pleasant languor in the lower abdomen.
For two weeks she had not had sex, t.
they quarreled with their friend Nikita because of nothing, but out of stubbornness no one wanted to put up first.
Masha’s hands stroked her breasts, slightly squeezing and pulling off her nipples, then her right hand slid down the flat stomach, not hurrying and dragging off the pleasure of touching the treasured crack.
Having poured a little more gel on the hand, Masha began to massage the lips of her excited rose, sometimes allowing the finger to fall into the heated womb.
Suddenly the front door of the shower slammed, and after a few seconds jets of water drummed on the floor mat in the farthest from her booth, sometimes changing the sound when a student entered under the jets of water.
Masha’s heart pounded wildly in her chest, and she froze with her finger in the vagina, afraid to draw attention to herself.
After a while the water trickles began to knock somehow rhythmically, as if something was interfering with the falling drops for a split second and again allowed to fall down.
“Yes, he is masturbating there, putting the penis under the water!” – a hunch went through Masha’s head.
The piquancy of the situation, the fear of being discovered, and rich imagination that draws a picture of a self-satisfied student have done their job.

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Masha began to caress herself, imagining as if it were the fingers of a stranger she penetrated into her, and the shower trickles on her shoulders are his hot lips caressing her.
Masha imagined how water drops hit the swollen, crimson head of a student’s member, and her hand movements on it crush jets, scattering them into the smallest drops.
Sometimes Nikita showed her an act of self-satisfaction, Masha especially liked the moment of sperm shot, so that she could well imagine what was happening just a few meters away from her.
Passionately stroking her clit, Masha bit her lip so as not to draw attention to herself with a slight moan.
She couldn’t hold out for so long, but abstinence still had an effect, and, catching the moment of accelerating the rhythm of falling water in a strange booth, she imagined the guy’s hand on the penis sliding faster and faster, bringing him closer to defusing.
From this lively picture and the realization that in just a few seconds, just a few meters away, no “champagne shot” would occur, Masha thrust two fingers into her pussy and began to shake in her orgasm, and squeezing her fingers inside.
A light moan came to Masha’s ears, confirming her thoughts about the student’s final soon.
Literally a minute later, the water in the distant booth was turned off, and the retreating steps heralded the departure of the stranger.
A contented and satisfied student nevertheless decided to cook in full and began quietly humming to herself under us, foaming the shampoo on her head.
From the light state of her euphoria, the sound of a shower that turned on behind the partition turned out.
and a curious head flickered just for a moment because of the partition.
“Everything, you hit a friend” – a student flashed through her head, and a thick blush swiftly flooded her cheeks.
“Masha, what are you doing here?” Asked a young man who appeared from behind the partition with an excited member, trying to cover his unit with his hand.
To her relief, Masha recognized her boyfriend Nikita.
“Yes, you know, we had a training session here, but we didn’t want to go dirty, and I decided to rinse quickly.
“- Masha turned her eyes down to the floor to justify herself, trying to cover her savory places with her hands.
“Mash, forgive me! I missed you so much! ”Nikita told her, hugging her and starting to kiss passionately.
Not yet departed from the recent orgasm, Masha felt like a hot, resilient member of Nikita put her stomach on, demanding unobtrusive attention to herself.
The girl hugged Nikita with one hand and responded to his kisses, and the second, with the greed of a woman hungry for a sec, crumpled his club. Sexy mature webcam.

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