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Well, what to do to dad – went broke, gave fifty dollars to the “nasty blackmailer”.
50 rubles Nadia bought 5 chocolates and ate everything at once, as if the hungry year in the yard.
It goes without saying that her tummy ached.

Perched Nadia on the “white horse”, and all night with him did not get down.
So slept there.
The chocolate processing factory worked all night, and in the morning even the sewage system was clogged.
I had to call the plumber.
This disease is not over.
Andrew in the morning was bad: the whole bath spat.
The beer turned out to be burned.
Mom thought and thought and called a grandmother to visit – take care of the children, otherwise it is not enough from her husband.
Grandmother arrived.
She surrounded children with care and attention.
Began to find out the cause of their diseases.

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The boy was smart – he was silent, and the girl let out that her tummy ached because of the chocolate that she bought for the money that her dad had given her so that she would not tell anyone about her mistress.
And Nadia advised her grandmother to cut down from her father at least a ducat for decorum.
Chervontsa grandmother was not enough.
And in general, she was of strict morals and incorruptible.
In the evening, she told her daughter everything when she came back from work.
They say, so-and-so, your faithful home mistress leads, when you’re at work, and children at school.
The next day, the wife did not go to work, but arranged a “debriefing”.
The children, too, did not go to school.
Husband otmazyvatsya otmazyvalsya and otmazatsya.
He said that the children did not have enough money, and he just gave them 150 rubles, but he had never heard of a mistress.

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There is no evidence.
All these are children’s fantasies: the kids want to test the relationship between their parents.
The children stood aside and considered: to give out dad or continue to milk.
But the question disappeared by itself when mom promised to buy a computer if they told the truth.
Such a temptation !!! Andryusha presented compromising material – a collection of used condoms that he pulled out of a trash can.
Nadia showed pantyhose, which forgot mistress.
But dad got out.
He said that he was a pervert: he wears women’s tights, which he bought specially for himself and is engaged in onanism with condoms.
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