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Hands and legs tightly seized straps.
And pushed the bench.
And I found myself in a toilet in which I spent a whole month.

But only now I was fixed in the toilet.
The lid opened and I saw Gerda’s face.
She put a transparent funnel into the toilet with a large hole at the end.
And diligently secured the back of the cone in my mouth.
I could only slightly move the funnel, but could not push it out of my mouth.
This was the last stage of the training, the purpose of which was: 1.
teach me to swallow everything regardless of the quantity.
finally accustom the body to the immobilized state and, last, 3.
understand the irreversibility of my transfiguration here.
I do not remember how much I stayed here.
The only thing I remember is the constant darkness and almost complete silence.
True, several times a day the toilet lid was opened, and my food got into my mouth.
But more often there was a feeling of oppressive loneliness and darkness.
She pressed and oppressed.
And therefore, I met with great joy another guest who gave me his gifts. Sister and brother sex webcam.

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