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Belly brings sweet wave and voila.
I already scream.
I was shaking, and in my head one thought: “Squeeze.

, deeper.
stronger testes.
Yes-ah, a warm jet hits the uterus, and I fell into oblivion.
! How I feel good.
! Not like with Andrew, but still.
! Of course, after Andrew, I met with men, and even with young ones, but no! Something they lack.
“Raisins” of some kind.
, I do not know.
It was good with them, but, I would put them all together for one Andrew.
! Okay! Stop dissolving nurses! Now in the bath, you have to wash.
I went into the bath.
I let the water in until the water ran through, undressed.
There, I have a mirror.
Oh, and the son-in-law sweated, dragging and then setting it up! A mirror, all over the wall, and every time I look meticulously at myself in it.
This has become a ritual.
After the trip, I once a week, began to attend a sports club.
So, for myself, but it gave its “fruits”.
The tummy, and so not big, has disappeared.
The ass pulled up, disappeared “extra” folds.
Even the chest lifted, of course, not like a young girl, but with my almost fifth size, very much nothing! In the club soul, I often caught on myself, the envious glance of young girls.
And now, while the mirror is not sweaty, spun before him.
It’s all right, I decided.
Where it is necessary acts, and patted her ass, and stroked her breasts.
And where you have to flat! Held on the stomach.
Everything under the shower.
With pleasure she stood under hot water, Washed up, shaved, started to grow, hairs in the crotch.

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Corrected, and without that neat triangle of hairs on the pubis, and putting on a short robe, went to collect the suitcase.
Remembering how I had to buy more underwear, first of all I put on a body; set of week: slip panties; a pair of candid bras; and of course a belt with stockings.
Yes, a couple of tops, for my size! Next, the dress for the exit, with a large neckline, I have a big chest.
A pair of blouses.
One of them is almost transparent, well, and skirts.
Yes, I never need a little.
Suitcase plucked full.
Charges took a long time until you choose, try on.
Chapter 2
A train.
Galina Ivanovna.
Suitcase already assembled.
I look at the clock.
Now my daughter must drive up with my son-in-law, and take me to the station.
And there is a train, and.
What, I, generally wait, from this trip? What do I want? What is my dream? I myself am afraid to admit.
And to someone else ,.
How much, in our life, partings.
Although there are also meetings! The dialectic of life.
Again I am parting with my family, and I’m going to a meeting, why? Old memories? Or what? But, oddly enough, the mood was good.
In me has awakened, some kind of “little devil” from childhood.
And for some reason I was expecting an adventure! Here is the train.
Farewell kisses.
When the train started, I went to the compartment.
When things were being brought, there was none there.
We greeted each other.
My place was on the second tier, but I was immediately allocated the lower shelf, I did not even ask! Well done guys.
I took out a tracksuit, kicked out the guys to “smoke” in the corridor, and she changed her clothes.
Then there was an acquaintance, tea.
For tea, I got the food that my daughter provided me abundantly.
Some of the guys pulled out a bottle, mugs.
They poured, drank their acquaintance, and the conversation began.
Just then, “woke up”, the carriage broadcast, and the song sounded: “Carriage disputes are the

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last thing when there is nothing to drink anymore, but the train is on, the bottle is empty, and pulls to talk.”
The first bottle ended, like something fast. Spanish sex movie watch online.

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