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Behind this guy on the steps a little higher were two more.
But they did not take part in the process, but filmed what was happening on two mobile phones.
I was at a loss.

I just got fucked and done by three unfamiliar guys right on the landing, also filmed, and I didn’t even pay attention !!! So they all worked together smoothly.
I was in a state of shock, plus a “beautiful” appearance (by the way, when watching that video, I was even brought in by what I looked at that moment).
I was taken out of the shock by Anton’s light talon in the shoulder and the question: Well, girl? Liked?.
I was silent and blinked eyes.
– Well? Come on then still suck – sounded the voice of the one with the largest member.
And the three of them surrounded me.
I didn’t know what to do or what was happening to me, but just sat and looked at their members hanging from three sides of me.
Well, come on baby start! You are great at grabbing your mouth.
– He said this with a big dick, took me by the head and buried my face in the groin.
The smell of his unit started to excite me again.
I ran my tongue over it and slowly closing my eyes with a feeling of pleasure and comfort, I plunged this sex car into my mouth.
I took the other two members in my hands and began to lightly podrachivat.

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After some time, I already got a taste and furiously sucked one member in turn, without leaving two pens without attention to my pens.
then she moved them as close as possible to each other and licked the three at once.
Members quickly took shape, and their owners pawed my nipples and thighs.
After enjoying a little blowjob a little, one of the guys (not Anton and not Mr. Member – let’s call him that, by the way, his member was about 25-27 cm and 4-5 cm in diameter with a big dark head) and pulled my legs to his shoulders and rested his friend in my little hole, which is not yet completely closed and from which sperm still flowed.
The other two came from the side began to paw me and masturbate.
The member of the guy who was going to fuck me began to enter me.
The first centimeter slowly, and then apparently he realized that you should not strain, my hole and so let him let in with a slap on the very eggs.
I screamed.
Mr dick, decided that I shouldn’t shout anymore and that this would not happen again shut up my mouth with his pussy.
And as if I was waiting for this, I began to suck him applying all my knowledge and at the same time (as it happened by itself) I started podmahivat a member in the pope, and took Anton’s penis in my free hand.
I didn’t care what three fuck me, that on the court, that two still continue to shoot the video, that I’m all in the end.
I was not really excited.
Five minutes later I was screaming and writhingly experienced anal and regular orgasms at the same time! My sperm hit my face

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and dripped my chest and stomach.
Suddenly, the guys stopped fucking me and went somewhere along with the ones that they were shooting.
I still thought then: why do they not approach me? And I have never seen what they had finished.
And these three did not stop.
I wonder why? They stood in a circle for some time, their backs to me. Spy cam sister sex.

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