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Medica bit her lip, as it had two holes at once.
She then closed her eyes, then pulled her paw (hand) to the clitoris, then stroked her nipples, which made her get even more excited, and began to move actively, exciting, while Asa.
Then something strange happened.

The doctor was already moaning less, but she continued to stroke her nipples, and behind her back came very loud moans, moreover, with a male tone.
And then I realized – I began to fuck Asa right in his vagina.
He was becoming more excited, as evidenced by the increasing rate of anal sex Doctors and Asa.
Soon, I decided to accelerate the pace, too, why the chair began to shake violently.
The tension grew, the chair had already become like a vibrator, and, finally, Aus triumphantly and sharply drove his dick into the butt of Doctors as much as the size allowed.
Medica herself has not finished yet, and so have I.
I transferred the member to

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the vagina of Physicians and began to finish the job.
Al was just lying on the chair, with the hope that this nightmare would end soon.
Medica, from overexcitement, was already breathing heavily.
I also began to get tired of all this, so I sharply accelerated and, voila, the culmination of our entire orgy.

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Then the chair could not stand it, and the three of us fell to the floor: Medica on Asa, I on Medica, and we all moan.
Ace, feeling freedom, threw us off, quickly dressed and ran away – only he was seen.
We calmly got up, put ourselves in order (Or rather, I was already dressed, and Medica continued to eat what As with me left her).
– It was unusual, Fox.
Long, but unusual! I did not find the strength to answer anything, so I just smiled and made it clear that I was leaving.
Medica waved her foot (hand), such as “bye, see you”, and continued her meal.
Going out the door, I finally proved for myself that even such “animals” can give you what you most want.
Although, only, in terms of sex, but still can.
And what happened next with As, I do not know.
Only small scratches on the tile made it clear that he was running and slipping.
But this is a completely different story.
From the author: I ask you not to judge strictly.
I am not a master of writing erotic stories, but I try.
Although it is necessary to squeeze out of my brain everything that I have invented in all these years, starting from 16 years.
Jabba the Hutt was incredibly happy.
The powerful cosmic slug captured Princess Leia herself – a proud girl, one of the leaders of the resistance to the imperial troops.
Gordyachka, placing freedom, equality and the fight against the Dark Side above all other feelings, now stood in front of Jabba’s throne, impotent, with her hands tied behind her back.
Only her gaze burned with fire, hatred of Jabba and all his followers, as well as pride that is hard to break. Teacher sex school sekretue camera.

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