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I could not believe that in the morning, that on my birthday, my mother will have holes in my eyes.
When everyone had finished, they all slapped her goodbye on the bum and went home.
Mom continued to be on the table panting with closed eyes.

I returned to the hall, sat down at the table and began to look at her.
From the tunnel under La Manchem the sperm of the guys flowed out and I also wanted to try to feel what anal sex is.
I threw a towel on my mother’s head and attached to her anus.
I saw in her, at that time, a naked and delicious woman and began to poke my pepper in the point for the most eggs.
But I did not get pleasure, since he was hanging out there absolutely free.
Then I stuck in her bosom and finished on her back.
And he went to sleep as if nothing had happened.
In the morning I did not know how to look at my mother and friends.
Passing into the gym, I saw my father sitting on a chair and a naked mother, all in dried semen on the table in the same position in which my friend perdolit her ass in the ass yesterday.
A year later, when I again had a birthday.
We began to discuss how to conduct it and where.
And by the way, my mother asked: “Will Kolya be?”.
And I said: “Do you want to play poker with him for anal?”, For which I received a slap in the face.
That was enough for me to no longer mention what happened.
I walked along a large alley where lilacs grew.
It was a little rain, rhythmically dripping on the asphalt and the ground.
And I was going to the institute, where, as always, my luckless friend Vanya was waiting for me.
Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself: my name is Misha, and I, as it was already possible to understand from the above, is a student.
I am studying for a doctor, but, as is the case with most guys of my age, I am not

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studying very hard.

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However, I try.
To the best of my ability, of course.
One can already see a large porch of the institute, Vanya is already visible on it, who is waving to me.
I walk up to this big porch, he runs to me, greeting me on the go.
– How are you, Misha? – And as always I look at my secret love, ignoring Vanya.
Her name is Nastya.
Vanya notices where I look, – She stands alone, go talk to her! “But I wanted to talk to her, some guy came up to her, and I didn’t try.
We went to the institute, and Vanya asked again how was my business, because I did not answer.
I told him that things were going badly; there was no money or food.
In general, it was strange that he asked about it, because we lived in the same room in the hostel.
Perhaps he was nervous, but all my attention was taken by Nastya to notice such details.
My speech was interrupted by a TV set hanging in the corridor that said: – An unknown epidemic broke out in the center of Moscow, a bloody man attacked and bit the woman and child! From the scene, our correspondent Victor.
Victor, we are listening to you.
– Thank you, Natalia.
So, as my colleague already said, an incident happened at 10:33 today.
Now doctors and police are working at the site.
“After that, in the background, people were visible who ran away from something in a panic.”
The correspondent, who, obviously, was more visible than the viewers and the operator, also panicked, and then the camera began to shake and the inscription “Problems in the studio, do not disconnect” appeared.
This all caused anxiety in me, and the guys around us began to talk anxiously, someone stood in shock, not understanding whether this was really happening.
But then the bell rang, and most of the students dispersed among the audience, believing that all this is nothing more than a joke played out in the news.
I also went in pairs, but I was worried about one more thing: before the inscription appeared, ending with a strange news release, in the background of the camera at the last moment I saw a man who.
bit the other.
His face was no longer human, it was as if it had been cracked in half, and his eyes, which I barely examined, expressed incredible hatred.
It seemed to me that it was impossible to play.
However, I soon forgot about a strange person in the news, because Nastya was sitting in my audience.
And, let’s say, very well sat.
Our desks were located on the stairs – the front were at the very bottom, and to the top rose stronger and stronger. Webcam asian lesbians hd.

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