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This is the story that happened to us.
It will be nice to talk with like-minded people.

From AVTORAVse all characters from this story are fictional.
No Oleg does not exist, there is also Lerochka and his mother.
But I really work as an operator at a cable television studio, and from time to time my boss and I shoot underground porn clips.
I even starred in one movie, but dressed and not fucked.
I hope someone from the readers watched my films.
Once, on a warm summer evening, the doorbell rang in my apartment.
My parents were at the dacha, I calmly drank red wine from a glass and was a little drunk, so I did not immediately react.
I had to put slippers on my feet and remove the chain from the door.
When I finally left, Oleg stood in front of me, a neighbor from the apartment opposite, my age mate. Young lesbian cam online.

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