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His cock stood erect and firm as he pulled on it.
To Angelique, it looked like it was between Cleo’s legs but jutting up from around her knees.
Angelique watched as her daughter’s hand came down on his hair and she pulled his head backwards while stepping over him. Creampie tube extreme anal.
Her was pussy inches from his face and her pee covering his face as she gushed.
This time was different.
Cleo was looking at her step-dad all the time.

Watching him wank his cock.
Watching him take her piss and watching her pussy edge ever closer to his mouth. Xxxpussxxx top cam models.
Cleo didn’t cross the invisible line though and stopped short of planting her pussy on his face.
He was, after all, her step-dad.
Angelique’s hand was down her skirt; sliding her finger along her slit as she covertly watched the pair of them.

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Pierre didn’t last long and just as Cleo was finishing and shaking the last drips onto his face, his spunk shot out from his cock across the wet room’s floor and splashing on the wall opposite him.
He let out a loud groan as he came. Beach erotic massage virginia.
Cleo stepped over him and started to turn for the door.

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